10 Thoughts of Every Professional Woman on a first date

There is so much that goes on while on a first date

There is so much that goes on while on a first date:

Planning the venue, choosing the right outfit, making a good first impression, and even follow-up after your date. It’s easy to slip somewhere and leave yourself open to embarrassment.

Your date has little or no reference to you, so words and deeds, tend to give more insight about you to the person. Tension runs high; you get nervous, and even the most experienced daters can’t avoid all these during a date.

Strong, independent women are sensitive to a whole series of unique thoughts before, during and after a first date. Stand up tall 21st-century woman!

You are not alone. These are some of the thoughts:

  1. Should I reverse the decision of going on a date?
  1. I have a closet full of clothes and it matters on the one night … there is nothing to wear! These heels are perfect! … Wait, What if we have to go somewhere? OK, back to flats.
  1. I hope this guy has a decent job and that he is a man with a plan.
  1. He doesn’t have to be a stand-up comedian to win my heart, but I hope that I laugh and provide a fun and enjoyable experience.
  1. Can I trust him?
  1. He is reticent. I talk too much? Is he attentive enough, I listen and do intervene in the conversation?
  1. Will he keep me stimulated with an interesting conversation?
  1. I wonder if I would get along with my friends/children.
  1. Should I propose to pay?
  1. How early is too soon to text?

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