5 Signs he’s in love with you

5 Signs he’s in love with you Being in love for most of us is the ultimate relationship goal. It’s the reason we go on date after date and put up with a process that, at times, can feel gruelling with little or no reward. For some people the arrival of love is instantly recognisable,

5 Signs he’s in love with you

Being in love for most of us is the ultimate relationship goal. It’s the reason we go on date after date and put up with a process that, at times, can feel gruelling with little or no reward. For some people the arrival of love is instantly recognisable, there’s no doubt in their minds about when they’re being loved and when the feeling is mutual. For others, there is doubt and confusion, difficulty understanding what’s happening to themselves and also the person they’re dating. If you find yourself in the latter category, we have some insider information to help you work out exactly what’s going on.

The way he looks at you

The way a man looks at you is a huge indication of how he feels about you. We know this sounds incredibly simple and that it’s a truth that can be applied to almost any human relationship, so we’re also aware that deciphering his look may prove hard for some of you in practice.

If you’re the type of person who has trouble reading people, who misses subtle signals or allows what they want to see to cloud what is actually in front of them, then assessing the way a man looks at you will be a more difficult task. The key is to take your time with it, to temporarily let go of your wishes for the relationship and try only to absorb the signals that he is giving out. They will be there.

If you’re unsure about the signals that he’s giving, either in the way that he looks at you or in the way he behaves, then another option is to concentrate on how you respond to him. If you get butterflies, then that’s more likely to do with your own feelings about him. If however, you feel the presence of a softness which at the same time gives you a deep sense of being recognised and strongly supported, it’s likely he’s giving off some serious love vibes.

He puts you first whenever humanly possible

Without fail, all people make a priority of the things that are most important to them in the current moment. This is not something to be taken for granted and if you make an effort to be fully conscious about it, you will have a good idea about your man’s feelings for you.

During the course of a relationship it’s easy for life, work and other responsibilities to start becoming bigger priorities than showing each other that you care, so in the early stages it’s something to be truly enjoyed.

If the man you’re dating consistently puts you first, or makes a genuine effort to, this is a massive sign about whether he loves, or has the capacity to begin falling in love with you. Be sure that if you want him to love you and if you can see a future with him, you acknowledge this gift and do your best to also make him number one in your life.

He wants you to meet everyone he knows

People usually only begin to involve their wider circle of friends or family in relationships if they envision some kind of longevity. We have all either known that woman who was kept a secret by her partner, or we’ve been that woman ourselves, and it can be an extremely isolating and lonely position to hold. If you ever have doubt about his love for you, simply think about how much of his life you’re included in.

We suggest that you view any introduction to friends as the first step in him testing the waters of how you’ll fit in and be received. Sometimes acceptance from friends can be more important than that we get from our biological families. Whenever he does begin showing you off to parents or other family members, you should see this as a significant step in the emotional commitment he’s making to you. Once we get to a certain age and maturity in life, it may be construed as unusual for a lover to go to this extent, if they aren’t serious about the relationship.

He doesn’t flinch on your worst days

A man who loves you will look at you on your worst days, see them for what they are (or even who you truly are) and love you all the deeper for it. When we talk about your worst days we mean when you’re upset, your hair is a mess, you’re stressed out over work or even just in a generally foul mood. In these times, and especially if it’s the first time him seeing you like this, a partner can be shocked or taken by surprise at your vulnerability. It may make him nervous, perhaps he won’t quite know how to handle it. Nonetheless, if he makes an effort to learn how support you in the best way, there is a strong chance that he has deeper feelings for you.

If a man isn’t in love with you he may only have the desire to be around you when you’re at your best. Dealing with the rough edges that vulnerability can expose is a big take-on in any sort of relationship, so people in general are usually wary of what they invest. If he’s not in love, he will avoid your bad days and keep you at arms length.

He touches you more and more in a non-sexual way

There are times in the middle of the night where your partner may pull you in closer or stroke you tenderly in a way that is not about sex, or what he expects to receive in return. Quiet times like this, where there is no agenda or reason for affection, are very telling. Take note when he holds your hand, puts a protective arm around your waist, or rearranges that loose strand of hair from your face. The sensuality found in these moments is what love is all about – treasure it.

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