want a date


So, you’re single and want a date for Valentine’s Day? 


Read this…


Yes, it’s that time of year. The biggest day since Christmas rode away on its merry sleigh and made space for all things soft, fluffy and romantic.  The shops are now an explosion of redness.  Red hearts, red flowers, bears holding red chocolate boxes, red ribbons, red balloons…  Get the picture?


It’s a fact that Valentine’s Day is 100% inescapable, whether you’re married, single, looking, or sporting the status ‘it’s complicated’. However, before you become completely forlorn and begin to regret not holding on to Mr or Miss not-quite-right, for the sake of something to do on 14th February, think about the below pointers.


It’s the tribute act, not the real thing


Don’t get us wrong, this day is as magical as you make it and any celebration of love is a good move in our books.  Your aim however, may be slightly off-course if you’re looking for a partner just so you’re not lonely this one night. How about the other 364 days of the year?  It’s worth mentioning that these other days and the accumulation of romance, care, support, and trust are actually what feed into a meaningful Valentine’s Day.


Occasionally people get their balance of love backwards.  They’re so exhausted by their Valentine’s Day efforts that they clearly need the rest of the year to recover. *Cue disapproving head shake.*  Remember, this day should be a tribute to how you feel about each other the majority of the time.  It should not be the one time of year in your relationship when affection and appreciation suddenly show up.


You don’t care about the above, you still want a date!


If the above hasn’t dissuaded you from getting close and intimate with someone this Valentine’s Day, then it needs to be all hands to the deck in finding someone.  What have you been doing thus far, have you joined a matchmaking agency, have you communicated to friends that you want to meet someone, have you explored all the options already available to you in your life?


If this is something that you’re certain you want to pursue, try to make your search about compatibility rather than convenience.  At very least, aim to meet someone that you can perhaps spend time with beyond Valentine’s Day.  Don’t lower your standards, or act too hastily.


What is it you want to get from the date?


Think about what it is you actually want to feel like on Valentine’s Day, what you feel you’ll be missing if you don’t have a date.  What experience is it that you’re looking for?  Is it just a night out, is it the presents that lovers exchange, do you just need the companionship?


Figure out how many of the things you want to experience on Valentine’s Day can actually be had without a date and with just a little effort on your part.  Think out side the box.  Act outside the box.  Use as much of that imagination as you would on a lover and go love on yourself this year.


So, this is random, we know.


We’ve just been speaking about thinking outside the box, well how’s this for a leap – go on a date with someone other than a love interest.  Have you ever thought about taking out your best friend, guy or girl, on this day of the year?  Who says it has to only be about someone you’re romantically involved with?


When is the last time you showed your mother how special she is to you, or your sister, or your daughter, or son?  You may get a few funny looks and face a couple of awkward moments when the waiter first pops by, but life isn’t lived for the opinions of others.  Life is lived for those we genuinely love and care about.  It’s lived for showing them that at this time of year, they are just as important to us as any date with a stranger.


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