dating must for 2017

Discover Macbeth Matchmaking dating “musts”.

There’s a ton of advice we could give you on how to keep dating at its best in 2017. However, so as not to overwhelm you, we’ve stripped it down to the bare basics and put it into bite-size chunks. Take a read of the below and use the tips to fill in what’s missing from your own dating repertoire.

Switch off devices
Yes, this includes your smartphone. In bedrooms around the world the glow of smartphones, tablets and even laptops are a common feature. Throughout the day some of us can pick up our various devices in excess of 100 times, this if anything should be reason enough to set what we call a switch off hour. This is the time in the evening when you consciously make a decision to cease contact with the outside world. It means turning off your phone, or leaving it on silent and putting it somewhere you can’t check it every ten minutes. Your evenings with your partner, especially in the bedroom, are a special time. Stay present and focused whenever you get the chance.

No work in the bedroom
Somewhat related to the above, this is more about keeping anything to do with work out of the bedroom and definitely out of your bed. In the era which we live there are more and more emerging entrepreneurs and people working for themselves, constantly connected and focused on business. Answering emails, calls and work texts in the same place that you rest, confide in and are intimate with your partner isn’t conducive to maintaining relaxation or the sacredness of the space. Don’t fall into bad habits and don’t let your partner either.

Limit social media
Keep your private life as just that, private. As much time as you may spend on Facebook or Twitter, you need to remember that it’s not real life and not the place to air your dirty laundry. Share some of your good times, be open with close friends and family, but set bespoke privacy settings to keep out people who don’t need to know or see the ins and outs of your relationship. Be cautious and give your relationship the respect it needs to thrive and survive.

Explore life
As vast an amount of entertainment that there is available in the big wide world now, it’s surprising how many individuals and couples stick to the same routines and forms or entertainment. Don’t limit your time together to visiting the same old haunts and mixing in the same circles you always have. Explore exhibitions at galleries and museums, visit historical sites, go to dive bars and exclusive restaurants, drive to the next biggest city and see what life has to offer there. Open up your world and inject some vitality into the experiences you live together.

Travel has never been cheaper and easier than it is now. Whether your personal taste is for the best that money has to offer, or you’re content backpacking your way through new and exciting destinations, travel as much and as often as you can. All couples have commitments that they need to think about and consider before simply packing up and leaving, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a plan and following through. It can be as little as a day in a new city, or as much as a month on a remote island. Whatever floats your boat, make your preparations and go for it.

Meditate together
Sometimes what couples really need is time to reconnect and regroup with one another. Try to ensure that this doesn’t always take place with some sort of distraction in the near vicinity. Once in a while, switch off the TV, turn off the internet, the mobile phones and spend time really alone, just the two of you. You can meditate with each other, or practice mindfulness and it only has to be for a few minutes at a time. If you’re not comfortable with this, then take it slowly and build up the time gradually. There’s no rush or pressure, all you need to do is begin.

Written by Tori Ufondu for Macbeth Matchmaking