Most of us are taught from a young age that it is perfectly acceptable to seek help with a variety of tasks. For instance, we might request styling assistance from a hairdresser, or we might consult an accountant to manage our finances. However, not many people are comfortable with requesting help with other people concerning relationships and dating.

Part of this pertains to the high divorce rates not only in Switzerland but also around the world. If half the people we know are not successful at relationships, how is that supposed to help us? However, we all need to learn from other people’s mistakes as well as our own. Therefore, what better way to have a successful relationship than to take advice from a person who has more dating experience than us? Admitting you might need help dating might be advantageous to you, but you should also be careful from whom you receive advice.

FAQ: “From whom should I request help with my dating life?”

Just about anyone can give you tips about your relationships. They also can set you up on dates with people they know that you have never yet met. However, you are advised not ask for help from just anyone.

For instance, family members or friends might not have an objective view of you. Either they will be too harsh with you and convince you that you are too worthless to ever meet anyone, or they will tell you that you are “perfect.” Neither of the extremes of feedback provided by relatives will be very helpful for you when finding a date.

This does not mean that no one in your personal circle can give you relationship advice. However, you might have a higher success rate when seeking matchmaking help from a professional. You also might take less offense from them because they do not have as much stock in your life as people you know.

FAQ: “What good can a professional matchmaker do for me?”

It might be scary to find out who you really are via professional matchmaking. One reason why is because you might learn more about you than you wanted to know – and how is it possible that a professional matchmaker can help you more than your family or friends? What does the matchmaker know that gives him or her authority over your dating life after only a few short interviews?

One of the advantages matchmakers have over your friends and family is staying objective. They only consider the facts and what they see. They are not worried about your emotions. Instead, they will tell you directly what need to know to make you a person who is fit to date. Even if the truth hurts at first, keep in mind that they are making you better for the kind of person you want.

However, it also is because they want to save you from dating disasters. For instance, they might help you learn how to evaluate a date even during the initial infatuation stage. This could help you refine your possibilities before you commit to a person.

In addition, professional matchmakers have systematic ways of determining your compatibility with one or more possible dating prospects. In the process, you also will be presented ways to increase your odds of relationship happiness. This journey to a fulfilling love life starts with you.

The Number One Challenge of Finding the One

You might think that you are not married yet because you haven’t found the one. However, the reality is this: You have not yet become the one for someone else. Stop focusing on why the people you date are not right for you and work on your own flaws. If you do, it will speed up your chance of finding the right person to marry.

Of course, focusing on you can be the most difficult part about dating. After all, your best friends have probably already rallied with you against your exes. They also probably told you that the reason you failed at all your relationships is because it was someone else’s fault.

However, we all have to eventually examine ourselves if we want to truly be happy. Furthermore, we have to realize there is no shame in asking a professional matchmaker for help.

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