The luxury of human needs: separating value from cost


There’s an assumption made, predominately by people who have little or no experience of wealth, that to be financially stable equates to having very few needs that can’t be easily fulfilled.  People with this view seem to believe that for the wealthy, satisfaction morphs into a mere transaction.  Not only this, but also that it has enough benefits to outweigh any physical or psychological shortfalls.  Macbeth International has gone some way to dispelling this myth, by actively choosing to take a deeper look at the human condition. Once time is taken to do this, it becomes abundantly clear that in the search for fulfilment, bank balances are somewhat irrelevant.


How needs are perceived

In comparison to how the rest of the population live, the rich and super rich can be perceived as detached from the real world.  The more accurate truth however, is that any idea of ‘real world’ is hugely relative and no matter where you stand, your needs will always reflect this.


According to Abraham Maslow, all human beings have a hierarchy of needs that govern their behaviours.  Translating these requirements into suitable lifestyle solutions has been the goal of Macbeth International’s matchmaking and concierge services for over a decade.  To create a world-renowned business, it has been essential to understand the importance of all needs, from survival all the way to self-fulfilment.


The connection between survival and security

For many people, survival and security are inextricably linked.  Physiological needs such as having a home, food and adequate exercise can be what drives or maintains our health, our personal, family or business lives.  For high-profile personalities whose brand is built around image or status, this can feed directly into any sense of social stability.  Likewise, where there is a strong public interest in a personality and a subsequent lack of privacy, the idea of the home will merge with the idea of refuge, a place of mental and physical safety and security.


Making sure these needs are met, whether an individual requires long-term help or temporary assistance with a situation, can have a huge impact on a person’s wellbeing.  The ability to offer medical concierges, the provision of real estate and global security services all make this physical and mental balance possible.  Focusing on whether such care takes place at a luxury holiday home or a basic caravan park is missing the point.  What’s more important is the lasting result on the person in need.


Understanding self-esteem and belonging

Whilst the two base needs of survival and security are crucial for physiological and mental health, the next two of belonging and self-esteem will have a massive influence on how one navigates their deeper sense of self.  This means that emotionally and mentally there must be a relationship with the world that is in equilibrium, leaving us neither wanting nor giving more than we can handle.


Connection with ourselves, followed by connection with others is a need that is wholly personal and requires a bespoke approach, no matter one’s status.  What confuses people is that we as individuals don’t always know what is good for us.  We can either confuse our wants with our needs, or unconsciously create must-haves that are based on shaky and self-sabotaging foundations.  By providing matchmaking, coaching and event planning with intuitive and experienced people, Macbeth International offers a level of support that is focused on the achievement of your conscious and previously unconscious goals.


The right partner, a healthy amount of confidence and space to satisfy all personal and business aims is equally important for all people.


Promoting fulfilment

Once our most basic needs are accounted for, we’re left with truly infinite room to focus on our personal fulfilment. This can include not only awareness and acceptance of who we truly are and what we ultimately want from life, but also the ability to act in a way that celebrates it without fear or shame.


There are people for whom fulfilment feels so out of reach that at some point in their lives they stop considering it a valid need.  It then becomes viewed as a nice-to-have, something that few are blessed with and too many waste time chasing.  Being satisfied that the things we think are more practical or urgent are under control can enable us to have better peace of mind.  In this there is a freedom to engage in any of our creative or spontaneous outlets.


From hiring a concierge to having someone help plan your business trip, the extra headspace for other pursuits is vital for self-growth.


Macbeth International is well aware, through its experience and client feedback, that what we miss when we forget to express our true nature is actually the very best that life has to offer.  Fulfillment at this level transcends any idea of monetary advantage or privilege.  It’s dependent mostly on what we choose to do with the tools that we have and the time we make to use them.

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