How to stay true to yourself and your masculine energy in a relationship

[UPDATED 26th August 2022]


Dating can trigger all kinds of insecurities related to the way we behave and the things that define our true essence. It is normal to have doubts about how to stay true to yourself, especially if you are a man and you want to balance masculinity as well.
In today’s world where both masculinity and femininity are being deeply evaluated, behaving along those lines could feel challenging due to certain misconceptions, so we want to help you work everything out.

Be yourself in front of every woman

To stay true to yourself internalize that all you need to attract a woman is to be yourself. Some wrongly believe that women nowadays are not interested in men because of their own strength, but the truth is women have always been strong. Now they just have more ways and avenues to show it.
Dating a strong and independent woman does not mean you are any less strong or independent; instead it is a reflection of the type of people you attract. If you want to find love, be yourself without filters and learn to feel asserted on your own skin.

Chivalry is allowed

Some men refrain from chivalry for fear of it being interpreted as patronizing or insulting. But the intent is what really matters; pulling out chairs, opening doors and offering your coat when there’s cold outside, are nice little gestures that can mean you care for someone else.
It is important that you do what is natural to you, especially if it is something harmless like the examples mentioned above. If a core part of your masculine energy revolves around little acts of service, then embrace it.
Don’t be afraid to take the lead sometimes and do something nice for the woman you are dating; there is a big difference between taking control and being overbearing, so if you feel like, for instance, planning out a whole date for once, honor what feels genuine to you. As long as you come from a place of real affection, everything will be fine.

Respect your own needs

Your partner’s wants and needs are, of course, important, but these should never overshadow your own. There is a lot of pressure put on the man to act as the provider of stability and security, but men need these elements provided to them as much as anyone else.
You can’t provide if your needs are not met and though we all like to please those that we’re closest to, it can’t be done healthily if it’s at the detriment of ourselves.
Staying true to your masculine energy also means making decisions that serve you as much as those who need you. If you have no respect for your own mental and emotional survival, then you can’t possibly have it for others.
Think about what makes you the man that you are; what can you do to maintain this? Make time to enjoy the things you like and be yourself.

To be vulnerable is to be human

Don’t assume that vulnerability is purely the domain of women. Vulnerability is one of the most important traits human beings possess and without it we can’t truly connect with those around us. But being vulnerable doesn’t mean leaving yourself so open that anyone is able to walk in and take advantage.
Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is about knowing when it’s time to let your guard down so that someone specific can see you for who you really are. Being masculine does not mean you cannot acknowledge your weaknesses, it is actually crucial to embrace them just as you do with the strengths that exist alongside them.
Shutting down parts of your personality will only have them resurface in other ways, so whenever you feel the need to, recognize and let others recognize the parts of you that are troubled and need help.
Let yourself share your feelings freely.

Cultivate your alertness

This may not be as obvious as some of the previous elements, but being alert is a true skill that can be tended to as part of your masculinity. Much like a woman’s intuition, your ability to notice changes in environment and situations is an innate skill and shouldn’t be ignored for the sake of appearing laid back or easy-going.
Always be confident saying what you see and, if necessary, act upon it. Remember that you are supposed to be yourself and impress people for who you are, so you gain nothing by not paying attention to your natural instincts.

Are you ready to be yourself?

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