Matchmaking Agency for influential families and family offices


When we think about people in love and relationships, it’s instinctual to think of two people coming together to try and build a stable and harmonious union.  There are however other situations that can make this far more complicated, where there is more at stake than just two people.  When there is a legacy, family empire or royal line to maintain, matchmaking families becomes a subtle balance of doing justice to the lovers, as well as those who love them.


Dismissing the myths

When bringing influential families together, good connections are essential and one of the effective ways to create this is by using Family Offices.  There is the assumption that matching people based on their status and financial compatibility means that love is likely to feature less in a union or come second place to more practical affairs.  This is entirely untrue and should be put into perspective with all the other criteria we find ourselves listing when looking for the ideal mate.  Searching for a companion, whether for yourself or future generations, in an elite pool is no different from specifying the nationality, religion, marital status or physical attributes of a match.


A huge part of finding the correct partner is indeed deciding who you think they should be and what they should represent.  These preferences can be fulfilled in a narrower field of choice as well as in larger ones, and success stories abound in each.  If once a pair is matched the focus returns to them as individuals, there is no reason why dating will not involve the love we all aspire to.


Truthful visibility

One can be forgiven for thinking that in this era of social media where we lay our lives bare, we truly know the people with whom we connect or interact.  The sad truth is that these are also tools that people use to present a life they want others to believe is accurate when it’s not.  The illusion of what you see is what you get can have a rude awakening in this digital age and there are people who feel safer with more robust checks put in place and a human being taking charge of proceedings.


Using Macbeth Matchmaking with access to other individuals who are verified as being in your same financial and social bracket, ensures that the person invited into your lives has been vetted beyond a quick online profile check.  Equal footing is important to a vast number of influential families and the visibility of choosing partners from a Family Office takes care of this.


Shared expectations

When families come together there is an overt expectation of either maintaining or furthering the family name.  Meeting someone who slides effortlessly into your social circle can remove some of the angst found in other types of pairings.  Self-preservation and protection, of what in some cases has taken hundreds or years to establish, means that families need to be sure their goals and future ambitions are heavily aligned.  It’s a lesser-known fact that for this very reason, the connections matchmaking companies are able to make often can and do extend to matching families.



Obviously an Internet profile or dating someone who hasn’t been vetted would be considered a risk for high net worth individuals.  Aside from the uncertainty of not being clear about a person’s motives or intentions, there’s the interest it may garner from the media or other institutions you would rather not have involved in your personal life.  Ensuring that matches are kept between families until an official statement is made can be paramount for some and is not to be taken for granted.


The choice of when to go public should be a personal decision and the delicacy of being matched with another family, who also respects these boundaries, is priceless.  The bottom line is that people with a lot at stake expect a certain standard in all areas of their lives.  The dating world is part of this and should be handled with equal care.


By Macbeth Matchmaking