So, your New Year’s Resolution is to meet someone special. Now, what?

New Year! New goals! New love?….

New Year! New goals! New love? If you have decided to rev up the romance in the new year, considering the suggestions below. You’ll increase your chances of meeting someone special!

Take more risks: Although we can not 100% control when or how we find love, one thing is sure. We will never meet The One if we refuse to get out of our comfort zone and take a few risks.

Resolution: Resolve to yourself, at least, to push a little in the New Year – Take a risk, and get rewarded!

Strategize and execute it: Your best intentions to take more risks will not do any good unless you follow through. The trick is to find out what you need to realize that. Take an honest look at yourself and determine how to make sure you stick to your guns. Will it help to recruit a friend to keep you accountable? Or do you work best with visual memories? Try writing your dating resolutions and placing them in a prominent place to ensure you stay focused.

Resolution: Resolve to concrete steps to find love, in the same way, you would follow to achieve a set goal. Put enough effort and make it a priority! Another quote to consider: “Things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln

Play to your strengths: Lets may feel quite awkward sometimes honest dating. Play to your strength to make the process less stressful. If you’re reserved, but you’re a great writer, hop online and email your way to a first date. If face-to-face interaction best suit you, hire a dating service and let them do all the work, all you just need to do is be as charming as possible and show up! If you are most comfortable in active institutions, participate in singles’ group that keeps busy with cooking, skiing, or art classes.

Resolution: Resolve more introspective this year. You have to know your strengths to play for them!

Follow the above suggestions to be the Boss of your life in the New Year!