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The online dating scene is overwhelming in the choices of sites available and the number of profiles which seemingly match your details. Professional singles though are increasingly disappointed with internet sites due to the high number of fake profiles and dreams and aspirations onscreen which don’t translate into reality when a meeting is arranged.

For elite singles, there’s a different approach to the solution, and Macbeth Matchmaking has the answer. As the leading professional matchmaker in Europe, we offer an unmatched boutique dating and relationship service which puts us head and shoulders above other singles dating agencies’ offerings.


A singles dating agency for the elite

Contacting a bespoke dating agency for elite singles means you’ll be able to savour the personal touch. Macbeth Matchmaking takes on the quest to make finding that special someone for a long-lasting relationship, possibly the most thrilling you’ll encounter in your life.

By working with one of our team of passionate Professional Matchmakers, you will be introduced to an exclusive mix of eligible singles over time. Each one of your matches is just as serious about seeking a long-lasting relationship as you are – they also want selective matchmaking which befits their elite persona.

Our high success rate across Europe through our proven personalised matching methodologies is the cornerstone of our holistic ethos of quality, reliability and honesty. As the global introduction agency with high rates of national and international success, we take the stress of finding a romantic encounter away from you by doing what we do best.


Strangers at first, but who will soon develop a loving, long-lasting and long-term relationship


Taking that first step towards love

Complete the initial contact form, and you will be put in touch with an assigned Professional Matchmaker. This first stage is a non-committal and confidential exchange of information where you can talk informally about what you are looking for in the perfect match and also the services available for you.

If you decide you want to take it to the next level, you’ll be invited to have a 1:1 interview in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Your safety is of utmost importance and so during your time with us, we will check your ID and then undertake some due diligence background checks.


  • Introductions to only those we know are eligible singles; no fake profiles
  • Expert matchmaking team
  • Bespoke service with life coaching opportunities
  • Boutique dating agency
  • Psychological assessment methodology
  • Confidentiality assured


Following our meeting, we will then prepare the initial list of profile matches. It is then your opportunity to see which person you would like to communicate with and perhaps set up the first meeting.


A refreshing dating difference

Singles opt for a matchmaking agency tends to have more successes because it gets to know each individual member. You are unique, not just another dating site profile. We have the confidence to say we can help you find romance, companionship and long-lasting love.  Macbeth Matchmaking offers our experience as a dating agency which fully understands just what can bring two people together.


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