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When you want to find that special person but don’t want to trawl through hundreds of online profiles everyone else is also looking at, you need to think about talking to a leading dating agency where exclusivity is a key feature of finding you love and friendship.

Exclusive dating services and leading introduction agencies offer the personal approach which means that you are treated as an individual. Profile matches are those with the same outlook on life as you and have complementary dreams, desires and ideals.


Understanding that you are unique

Finding someone to spend time with and to create a special relationship with can be hard. Life is busy, and the online dating scene is crowded, so it’s a confusing situation to step into. Hundreds of profiles all vying for your attention but no exclusivity as to the pairing of likes, life goals and desires.

Leading matchmaking agency like Macbeth Matchmaking takes a step away from the noise and talks to you as an individual. Listening to who you are and who you are looking for is the way to build an exclusive relationship with you – and to then, in turn, find you exclusive profile matches.


You as a person is so important to us. Your qualities and features are what we want to know about


Professional staff

Professionalism and exclusivity go hand in hand, and all our professional matchmakers are passionate about looking to work with you to create the perfect dating environment. From the first contact you make, your details are then handed to our Matchmakers to talk to you to make the first steps towards lasting love.


  • Matchmakers who listen
  • Personalised assessment
  • With you at each step of the process
  • Non-committal initial discussion
  • Life coaching dating opportunities
  • Proactive and positive approach


You’ll have an interview in which you can discuss all aspects of your life, and the characteristics of the person you feel would be someone you could share emotions and thoughts with. If you are happy to take things to the next level, our psychology assessment methodologies will be utilised along with proven search techniques to discover the exclusive matches for you.


Confidentiality assured

The security of your information is vital. You can rest assured that your details will never be shared without your permission and that confidentiality is guaranteed. As part of the service, we check the ID of all those who want to become our exclusive clients, so you will always know the profiles are real and that everyone has been vetted. Your privacy will always be respected because when you decide that exclusive dating services are for you, it’s of the utmost importance that you know the relationship between you and the agency will always be on a one to one basis.

Exclusivity is the difference between sorting among hundreds of unconfirmed and unverified profiles and dealing directly with an agency that wants to know about you, just you and finding that long-lasting relationship you desire. Only leading matchmaking companies like Macbeth Matchmaking are there for you – today.


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