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They say love makes the world go around and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Barcelona or Brussels, London or Lisbon, international dating agency is something you can find success with. By contacting a worldwide dating agency, you’ll soon be talking to matchmakers in international locations near you and be on the path to finding your soulmate. International matchmaking services are not all created equal so it’s time to speak to an agency which is a cut above the others in global romance.


Love has no boundaries

International dating service, Macbeth Matchmaking, is dedicated to finding someone for you. Working as a busy executive or high-flying professional, you may have relocated to another country. The hours in the office are long, and you may not be fluent in the local language; it’s not the easiest of environments to be in when you’re single and wanting someone to share your life with.

When you’re dating, international barriers can mean there are different cultures and traditions to immerse yourself in and try to be a part of. Therefore, it makes communicating with someone you are attracted to can be a challenge. An international elite dating agency will take the pressure off you by matching you with those who have already spoken about themselves and their desires and dreams. You’ll know that when you meet up with them – there’ll be no boundaries to break through.


Use the skills of Professional Matchmakers

This international matchmaking agency is committed to ensuring your romantic needs are met. There are Professional Matchmakers located across Europe and beyond; Amsterdam, London, Milan are just named a few, and they are passionate about helping you find a long-lasting and loving relationship.

Bespoke international matchmaking begins with the completion of a simple online contact form. Once received, you’ll be warmly invited to undertake a non-committal and completely confidential initial discussion about the kind of person you are looking for. If you then take the next step, you’ll meet with an international dating services expert who will bring the dating ethos of Macbeth Matchmaking to you on a 1:1 discussion.


  • Exclusive and unique matches
  • Discretion guaranteed
  • All prospective members ID checked; no fake profiles
  • Personality, intellect and preference-based approach
  • Life coaching advice always available
  • Informed decisions at every stage


You know that you are safe in our hands


Only the best international dating services will be focused on you as an individual. Your Professional Matchmaker will look after you through the choice of who you’d like to meet from the profiles presented. You also will have the opportunity to talk about any aspects of attending the date, and then afterwards on how you feel the date went and what you want to do next. This unique and personalised boutique dating experience combined with your honesty about what you want in a life partner is the key to finding you a long, lasting, loving relationship.


Security of information

It’s important that your information is kept secure at all times. You will have undertaken psychological assessments and received results through proven executive search techniques. You need to know that your chosen international dating agency’s cornerstone of operation includes discretion and the guarantee of privacy. With Macbeth Matchmaking, international boundaries are safe when it comes to security and your details will never be shared without your permission. This international matchmaking leader has built a solid reputation on offering an elite, personal, bespoke service and with a globally renowned team behind it.


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