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Finding Love When You’re 40 and Over


The prospect of dating at any age can be formidable, but when that little bit older, the whole environment can seem rather mystifying. The online dating scene is vast; there are online dating sites for all walks of life, but the reality is that it’s all about getting to grips with new technology and then struggling to find people who actually turn out to be the person they say they are. Those in their 20s may be more attuned to spotting fake profiles and over-exaggerated lifestyle claims, but when you’re looking for honesty in a prospective partner, this strange world can feel disappointing and even bewildering.

The answer is to talk to an over 40s dating agency which will take you by the hand and not only offer exclusive matched profiles, but also be there for life coaching advice.


Life experience and honesty in the dating scene

With age comes the skill in really knowing who we are and what we want from a life partner. The mistakes of previous decades give us the experience to really pinpoint what makes us happy in a romance. When you complete the simple contact form with Macbeth Matchmaking, you’ll have the opportunity to talk in an informal and non-committal way with a Professional Matchmaker. You’ll be able to tell them who you are, your personality traits and who you look for in love.


Age should never be a barrier to discovering happiness


The first step towards personalised matching

Macbeth Matchmaking is specialised in over 40s dating, and we have a refreshing approach in this area. Rather than just a form filled in online, a photo uploaded and the offer of random profiles in return – without knowing if they are real or fake; with us, you are treated as an individual and someone who is listened to.

Following the initial contact, each prospective member is invited to take part in an interview with their Professional Matchmaker. This is the time to really talk about yourself, your lifestyle, dreams and thoughts on love and the kind of person you feel would match your expectations. You’ll be in a relaxing environment where you won’t be hurried and you’ll quickly realise that you are being treated with the respect you deserve as a unique person who wants to find their soul mate.


  • Bespoke matching with other elite members
  • All members are ID verified; no fake profiles
  • Proven psychology assessment methods
  • Discretion and confidentiality assured
  • Globally located team wherever you are based


Following your consultation, an initial list of those profiles which match your requirements will be presented to you and you can take the next step in looking to set up a first contact.


With you every step of the way

Your Professional Matchmaker is committed to helping you find love. They know age isn’t the most important factor in dating; it’s about looking at all aspects of life which combine to create a meaningful relationship. Your matchmaker is available at every stage to offer life coach tips and advice on any question or concern you may have. Whether it’s how to break the ice with small talk, what to wear or where is a good place locally to meet, you can ask the questions knowing you will always be treated with respect. We want to take the time to get to know you, to take you step by step to finding that special someone to click with.


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