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Enjoy Private and Exclusive Dating Opportunities


You want to find someone to share romantic moments with. You’re not ready to broadcast this to the world so you need a discreet dating service where you can find that special person who has the same dreams, intellect and desires as you.

When you want to look for a partner but don’t want to swipe past profiles not knowing whether they are real or fake, you should turn to Macbeth Matchmaking for their private dating agency service.


Your privacy is assured

Not everyone wants to shout from the rooftops that they are looking for someone new in their life; they want discreet dating and the guarantee of privacy. This is available just a few clicks away with a simple initial contact form. Just a few details about you and you’ll then be contacted by a Professional Matchmaker who is passionate about finding you someone – for companionship, romance and a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. This private dating service will always offer:


  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • The assurance your details will not be shared without permission
  • Respect for your privacy
  • Every interaction being treated with the utmost discretion


The personal touch

Private dating services offer you the boutique dating experience. You are a busy professional with a full diary, a fast-paced lifestyle and no time to consider how you can meet someone who will fulfil your emotional needs. Look to Macbeth to take the pressure off you with their one to one service. You will be contacted by a local Professional Matchmaker who will invite you to undertake a discreet interview where you can speak face to face about who you are and what you are looking for in a life partner.


A different approach to dating

You want to enjoy the benefits of discreet dating as it is something you desire. You also want to know that the profiles you are matched with are real people. The difference is that everyone is ID checked with diligent background checks undertaken. You’ll be able to meet only those who have been interviewed and have the same outlook on life as you.


No fake profiles, only genuine singles also wanting discreet dating


Using a dating agency which offers a bespoke service and elite membership means finding that special person for a long-lasting relationship will be an incredible adventure; possibly the most emotionally rewarding one you’ll experience in your life. You’ll have access to your Professional Matchmaker at every step of the way – from the first interview through to discussions about the first date and beyond.

With lifestyle coaching help on hand, you can ease your concerns about stepping back into the dating environment such as where to meet, what to wear and how to make a great first impression with what to say. Over the coming months, you’ll be presented with a number of eligible people. Each you decide to meet will be just as committed as you – serious about meeting a life partner and wanting the secrets exclusive dating couples can enjoy.

With a high rate of success through proven executive search personalised matching, you’ll soon realise you’ve discovered the way forward to finding love. A global dating agency with quality, reliability and honesty as the key ethos, discretion is guaranteed and your privacy is of our utmost importance.


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