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You live a fast-paced life and know what you want in love. Your experience of dating sites has so far been disappointing, and you never quite meet anyone you feel could be that special someone you want to spend more time with. Macbeth Matchmaking will help you change the past with their offering of professional dating through a personalised, boutique service. You’ll discover a way to find your soul mate in perhaps a way you’ve not tried before – an executive dating service.


Take the first step to new romance

Elite singles often find the online dating scene a challenge because it really doesn’t cater to their needs as a true individual. It’s time to relax. With Macbeth Matchmaking you’ll be taken good care of by your assigned Professional Matchmaker who is passionate about finding out more about you and discovering that special someone. You’ll soon realise that you prefer a professional dating agency to the usual online fare.

Professional singles should contact Macbeth Matchmaking today to receive all the information needed about who we are and the professional matchmaking services we can offer. Your Professional Matchmaker will want to get to know you as a person, be genuinely interested in what you are looking for in a partner and will find you matches through our proven assessment and search methodologies. After completing the initial contact form, you’ll have a non-committal discussion and then be invited to an interview where you can talk in a relaxing, unhurried environment.


  • Always a choice of personally selected profiles
  • Professional dating services
  • Life coaching opportunities at every step of the way to inspire you to success
  • Discretion guaranteed
  • All members verified and ID checked
  • Evaluation of factors lost online such as body language, personality and emotional range


Once you’ve completed your interview, an initial choice of matched profiles will be presented. It’s then you have the opportunity to choose who you’d like to potentially meet, and your Professional Matchmaker will make it all happen on your behalf.


Safety at all times

It is the policy of Macbeth Matchmaking that every prospective member is fully vetted. This includes background checks which are aimed at only offering you the profiles of genuine, eligible singles. Macbeth Matchmaking is a professional dating agency which has personal safety as a cornerstone of its core offering. You can be assured that your own details will always be kept confidential.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance and discretion is key


With the life coaching experience from our Professional Matchmakers, you can enhance your wellbeing further by discussing any thoughts or concerns about where to meet, what to say as an icebreaker, what to wear and how to make the best first impression.


There every step of the way

When your first date is over, your matchmaker is still there for you. Take the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen and understand about how the meeting went, whether it was someone you want to see again, or perhaps you feel the chemistry wasn’t quite there and you want your search to continue.

Discover a professional dating agency which cares. We recognise that you have a desire for a relationship that will be more than just a first date and however complexes your lifestyle and needs, the search will continue for the person for you.

Macbeth Matchmaking has all the skills required and vows to take on this quest for you. Only professional dating agencies will offer the quality of matches you deserve and know that your individuality is the key to the discovery of that perfect romantic match.


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