Singles matchmaking


Singles Matchmaking


Singles matchmaking; discover the identity of your life partner

You’re busy in life, selective in partners, looking for love but never quite click with those you date. Singles matchmaking service from Macbeth can help you change all that with their boutique dating experience which will give you the opportunity to find a life partner in perhaps a way you’ve never tried before.

Stop looking for love through the usual dating sites

You are unique. An individual who should be treated with respect when it comes to finding your perfect love match. A singles dating agency with a refreshing approach to the dating scene, Macbeth listens to your needs and desires and finds matches which are quality rather than quantity.

You’ve tired of swiping past fake profiles, seeing photos which never seem to correlate to reality and hobbies and interests which sound intriguing but just don’t pan out to be as true as you first thought. It’s time to look at love in a different way and use a singles dating agency where reliability, honesty and trust are uppermost in the way they create long lasting and loving relationships.

A new dawn for singles matchmaking

If dating has been a challenge in the past, relax. You will be taken by the hand by a Professional Matchmaker who is passionate about finding someone for you.

Contact our singles dating agency and you’ll receive in-depth information about who we are and how we will help. Your Matchmaker will get to know you personally, take a genuine interest in who you are and what you look for in a partner and select matches based on proven assessment methodologies.

– Evaluation of factors lost online such as body language, personality and emotional range
– A choice of selected profiles; choose to progress one or carry on your search
– Discretion at all times; we never reveal your personal information to matches
– Coach, guide and inspire you through 1:1 availability

It all starts with a non-committal, friendly and confidential discussion with a Professional Matchmaker.

Assurance that you are safe

All those who apply to be members are vetted and have background checks carried out. Your personal safety is of utmost importance and you can also ask the advice of your Matchmaker about what to do on that all important first date. Whether it is what kind of location to meet, what to wear or indeed what to say to make that great first impression but also feel secure, don’t hesitate about having questions or thoughts.

Looking to the future

After your first date, Macbeth is still there for you. Discuss how the date went, whether you want to progress things further or would like to continue your search for a life partner. Always remember that however complex your needs, you can rest assured that the search will continue for the right one for you. We recognise your desire for more than just one date; the need for one to one attention from someone you feel emotionally, intellectually and physically attached to. Macbeth has this skill and will take on the quest for you.


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