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Olga, 31

Casting Director - Fashion

“Brunette with blue eyes, attractive, elegant, well-educated, loves a range of outdoors activities, from hiking to skiing and horseback riding. Passion for photography and travel”

Charlotte, 26

Model, Paris - NY

“Light brown hair and hazel eyes, very attractive, tall, slim, classy, active lifestyle. She is warm, adventurous, fun, open-minded, curious. Passion for fashion, art and decoration”

Alice, 33

Business Woman

“Blonde with blue eyes, curvy, graceful, very feminine, very optimistic. Passion for cultural events, writing, hosting dinner parties for friends”

Laura, 35

Leadership & Communication Coach

“Black hair and black eye, Mediterranean look, warm, feminine. She has an international background, well-traveled, speaks several languages. Laura is fun-loving, positive, she leads an active and healthy lifestyle”

Yara, 40

Marketing Manager

“Long black hair and brown eyes, seductive smile, feminine. She is loyal, fun, sporty. She loves the outdoors, practicing yoga, dancing as well as cooking and traveling.”

Alexia, 29


“Curly long hair, green eyes, curvy, Alexia has a rich social life, enjoys playing golf and going to the cinema and the theater. A very cheerful personality, positive, easygoing.”

Jevgenia, 35

Art Broker

Short blond hair, blue/grey eyes, very attractive, slim, sporty. She is energetic, stunning, bright, passionate about life.

Lea, 57

Former Banker

“Very natural and beautiful, slim, feminine. She is charming and very elegant. Lea has an active lifestyle that includes activities like playing tennis, golf, cooking and playing the piano”

Sandra, 55

Executive Assistant

“Very beautiful, slim, green eyes, she lives a healthy active lifestyle. She enjoys traveling, painting, music, architecture and much more.”

Ana-Katia, 54


“Short brown hair and blue eyes, very pretty, natural and feminine. She is confident, comfortable in all environments. Full of energy, she loves the outdoors, practicing yoga, running, skiing.

Thais, 42


“Black hair and eyes, very attractive, slim, she has an incredibly warm personality. Artistic, creative, she enjoys traveling, painting, and of course architecture”

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