They say the first impression always last.  Do you want to be remembered as the person who committed the lamest joke, or has bad breath or clumsy boy who spilled a drink on the floor? Do you want to be remembered as a person who often stutters, bad or became red ears? Women have less pressure to first impressions. It is men who are often led to failure because of too much pressure, and may even stutter just by trying to say: “hello.”


Men often spoil the first impression because they fear too much of what a woman would think of them. She becomes so calm, collected and relaxed because she is not the one to be tried, but rather the one to judge your first impression. All these make a guy seem nervous and finally throw off the track and his best game. The tension makes guys mess up.


So, what can a man do to leave a good first impression? All you have to remember is to remain calm and composed. She Does not need to know that you are all sweaty and nervous just walk up to her. Also, keep in mind that you are a good choice, and she should consider herself lucky that you created an avenue for the opportunity to talk to her. Learn how to be comfortable in their skin. Nobody is perfect, making some small mistakes is forgivable, remember. You should always remember that.


Try to keep things simple. More things become more complicated, more difficult it would be to open a conversation and break the ice. Gain their trust, showing her that you do not only want to go to bed with her. And that you want to get to know her better because you find her interesting and beautiful. Keep in mind that women always like to be appreciated.


A good idea, when you decide to walk up to someone is that you use statements as your opening line, not a question. Something like “I’m here with my ex-girlfriend there two months ago …” so she would not feel that she’s being pursued, and can respond to their status and freely without feeling harassed.


Keep in mind that women are human beings like you. Make sure you never try too hard to talk to her. Always remember that if you do not try, you’ll never have her.