When it comes to online dating, your best prospects are usually where everyone might go. That usually means a popular site. There are countless numbers of dating websites and you of course cannot expect everyone to know them all. Your highest chances are therefore left where you might get the most exposure to a different variety of people on a minute-to-minute basis. Some of the most popular dating sites include:


Countless online surveys have ranked this as one of the best and most popular dating site worldwide. Over the years it has grown in reputation and quality and has an estimated thirty five million visitors each month. The site is also among the top ranked in terms of quality and success stories.


Yet another very popular dating site, eHarmony receives about seven to ten million visitors each month. The site has a very high ranking on a number of very well respected review and survey sites. It is most valued for its extensive algorithm research and usage. The algorithm used by the site has been researched for over thirty five years and is viewed by experts as one of the most comprehensive.


With its over five million a month visitors, Badoo is ranked as one of the most successful dating sites. It has a worldwide recognition and receives clients from all over the globe. While it may not have great rankings in many reviews, the fact still remains that it is still one of the most popular dating sites in the world.

Plenty of Fish

The site is very popular in the USA, Europe and the UK. It receives a stunning twenty three million visitors a month. Though not extremely popular in the world, the numbers say a lot about its popularity amongst people. The site has fair reviews but is not a high ranking site on most reviews.


Ten million people a month agree that OKCupid is a very popular website. It ranks highly in the list of successful websites and has fair ratings when it comes to quality scores. The site has a fair worldwide popularity but its visitors are more concentrated to the UK, Europe and USA.

Macbeth Matchmaking

When it comes to exclusive dating sites, Macbeth tops them all. The sites is very popular among a very exclusive clientele all around the world. It has very high quality ratings and is ranked very highly when it comes to match making success. The client base is evenly distributed around the world but is centered more in Europe.