We offer introduction services in the major European countries and leverage our international partners for searches outside Europe.

Marc, 42

Private Banker

You have provided me with impeccable guidance which has given me insight into myself and members of the opposite gender.

Patrick, 39


Well it has been a year now and Vanessa and I are still going strong. It’s an amazing relationship. I have it all! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend and love of my life”

Michael, 35

Insurance Broker

The quality of women is exceptional successful, beautiful and intelligent.
My social life has improved and I have been introduced to individuals I would have never meet in my daily walk of life.

Giovanni, 36


We had our first date at a concert in Rome and we instantly hit it off! He proposed in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center a few years back and we were married soon after. Thank you Macbeth Matchmakers!

Celine, 64


Finding an amazing partner was a special moment for me. Complete professionalism from the initial contact and immediate attention to any concerns, thoughts, or questions. Your wellness and lifestyle management coaching will stay with me forever.

Daniel, 60


After years of being an overworked executive it was time I focused on my personal life, hiring Macbeth as my matchmakers was priceless, thank you for introducing me to some of the most interesting women I have ever met! Now I have the relationship I have always dreamt of! Thank you.

Deborah, 36

Marketing Associate

After several online dating nightmares I was looking for a more genuine approach to meeting quality men and ultimately the one! After reading through thousands of online profiles I came to the conclusion that it was quality not quantity that was important. I decided to look at various agencies and came to the conclusion that Macbeth Matchmaking was really well suited for me. I was really impressed by the quality approach of the team. They let me think and did not put pressure unlike other agencies. I met Vincent on our first date and was so impressed we had so much in common, he genuinely matched his profile description.
If only I hadn’t taken action sooner! We are now buying our first home together and working on our Wedding party! We look forward seeing you there celebrating our love and happiness!

Christina, 42

HR Manager

Macbeth Matchmaking is a high-end sophisticated dating service provider who is very prompt and perfect in discharging their promised services. I have been using their services since the last six months and they have never under delivered, which is quite impressive. As an independent woman with a strong professional background, I expected someone who would equally understand and adjust with me as well as have a decent career himself. My coach at Macbeth Matchmaking was just the perfect one: she completely took care of my wishes and arranged most perfect dates at good locations and did everything as I would have done myself. It is a very pleasant experience to have services from the team. I thank Macbeth Matchmaking deeply for arranging some of the most precious moments of my life.

Sophie, 52


It was an incredibly amazing service by Macbeth Matchmaking. I am quite pleased with the kind of attention they paid to my preferences while making all possible plans to execute things as per my wish. It is overwhelming to see someone else this caring and concerned about your life’s happiness. Having to travel a lot due to my business necessities I needed someone to completely trust on for choosing the right man for me. The fear of losing personal data and details online was gone as my life coach explained me well about how they manage profiles and secured them the best way possible. Now I barely stress about all these factors and happily enjoying all the matches they arrange for me. Thank you for being so efficient and understanding.

Natalia, 44


My first introduction exceeded my expectations. The team at Macbeth; are true professionals listening and providing for my needs. Your professionalism and discretion mean so very much, but more importantly, you have a true gift of getting to know people and making great introductions. I am thrilled with the caliber of individuals I have met.

Fynn, 38


As a person who was always focused on his career, I don't have the opportunity to figure out the several dating apps present today. I knew there must be a better way. I was fortunate to get acquainted with a professional dating service. Olga was so easy to talk with, and she was amazing. Thank you, Olga!

Pierre, 33

Global Category Director

Making a connection with someone on every level is almost impossible, yet it happened. Cathy and I met in mid-2019, took it slowly at first, and finally decided to commit to one another after a wonderful weekend together in Paris. We could not be happier. Thank you, Macbeth Matchmaking.

Hannah, 28

Private Chef

We had our first date at a theatre in Zürich, we have been together ever since!! I big “thank you” to Anna, my wonderful personal matchmaker, who went the extra mile to help me finding the love of my life! Thank you Macbeth Matchmakers!

Celina, 34


Finding an amazing partner was a special moment for me. Complete professionalism from the initial contact and immediate attention to any concerns, thoughts, or questions. Your wellness and lifestyle management coaching will stay with me forever. Thank you, Macbeth Matchmaking!

Bryan, 47

Corporate executive

I never would have found the love of my life if I didn't take a friend's advice and try out this amazing dating Agency. We met in London and I have since moved to Madrid and we live together. We are talking about getting married. Life is amazing.

Bernard, 50

Vice President Finance EMEA

The first time when I had a discussion with Anne, my personal matchmaker, I felt like she was a friend more than a professional matchmaker. After a few dates I found the love of my life and I have been dating her for a year now! We are just so happy! Anne knows what she's doing and genuinely cares about her clients. They are the best matchmaking agency!!

Olivier, 37

Medical doctor

We met thanks to Macbeth Matchmaking around 2 months ago. Corresponded for a few weeks then Lucy flew from Sweden to Geneva to meet me. It was amazing and she's flying back to see me again soon. I'm planning to go there in January to meet her family. We are both so happy. Thank you!!

Matías, 39

VP Global Operations

I joined Macbeth-matchmaking around 1 year ago. Emma, my personal matchmaker truly made the effort to understand and find who I was searching for. She cares about her clients and about offering extraordinary support. She gave incredible advice as a dating mentor - as a matter of fact, I was somewhat nervous during the first date that she set me up with, yet with her help I became more confident in myself.

Victor, 57

Fashion photographer

I met the woman of my dreams! Thank you Olga and thank you Macbeth team!!!

Angel, 42

Published writer

Found my love thanks to splendid Emma! I love you guys.. you changed my life!

Antonio, 45

University professor

I met my lovely wife thanks to Macbeth Matchmaking. We met beginning of 2019 and got married in December last year. We are very happy together. We are forever grateful to you guys and happy to be part of your success stories.

Virginia, 39


Thank you so much for introducing me to Paul. It is has been life changing! After working in London couple of years returning home to Lausanne was overwhelming!

Most of my friends had settled and moved away. I knew I was ready to meet Mr Right yet had no idea where to start. I can’t believe I found him within 6 weeks of coming home! I’m so happy I took a chance and outsourced to Macbeth.

I haven’t looked back since, without wanting to get too far ahead of myself it is very exciting!

PS am having fun passing on the recommendation to all my single girlfriends.

Bianca, 38

Interior Designer

Choosing a life partner or soul mate is a very time taking and risk involving work. I was not so sure over settling down with someone till I had a counselling session with Macbeth Matchmaking. The coach clearly explained what I needed to rethink. I had trust issues with others finding me my match until I met my personal matchmaker at Macbeth. I became very close and comfortable with my her, she took every single note of my choices and preferences. I have by now met some really nice matches who have respected me and my lifestyle. I am now pretty close to finding my ‘Mr Perfect’ through Macbeth Matchmaking team.

Laura, 27


An extremely busy day was something that happened regularly in my profession which left me with no time and energy to fall in love. I definitely needed someone who would be reliable enough and serious in helping me reach my soul mate - Macbeth Matchmaking it was. I am highly delighted with their team for supporting me in taking one of the most important decisions for my life. Finding a good person is as tough as it seems to be, my personal matchmaker in our very first induction process understood all that I was looking for in my ideal man. Thank you Macbeth Matchmaking.

Luisa, 33

Fashion designer

As a working professional I could barely spend time for meeting new people outside my professional circle. It was when I decided to outsource the task of searching my soul-mate. I came across some agencies for matchmaking services and this executive dating agency seemed to outshine the others during my interview with them. Macbeth Matchmaking attracted me with their great life coaches who have excellent communication skills and understood the unspoken requirements. They offer the best service for executive matchmaking with their wide-scale reputation in this niche industry. Their matchmaking is almost similar to the executive search for reputed positions. Currently I have a boyfriend who is perfect for me and I would like to thank Macbeth Matchmaking for making this happen. My best wishes to the entire team and my sincere gratitude to my coach at Macbeth.

Lim, 58


‘Better late than never’ is my inspiration quote which is the reason why I am hopeful of getting my love of life in my late fifties. Macbeth Matchmaking has pushed up my spirits higher. The coach who interviewed me was amazing and made sure all my preferences were met. Despite being a tough case for them, I have been dating women with mutual emotions and needs, all thanks to Macbeth Matchmaking. They are highly responsive and would answer to all my queries quickly while finding me magical matches. It feels happy to know that they hear and actually make note of all that you like and dislike. It was a blissful surprise for me to find wonderful locations and restaurants that they arranged without me keeping a check over them. I have had unbelievably nice and satisfying experience with the team which I could find in no other agency. Thank you team for such support and motivation, it was totally worth my time and money.

Janet, 48

VP Finance

Macbeth Matchmaking has helped me meet the man of my dreams in a very magical way of introduction. Working for a well-known multinational, I had a load of responsibility that came up along with my position and it was simply an impossible expedition for me to start and keep fueling my love life. My coach was excellent, she knew I had little time and she quickly understood my preferences. Tom was my third and last introduction! I will never forget our first date, he was romantic, funny, good looking, charming… all what I was dreaming of. We have been dating for over 1 year now and we are so happy. With Macbeth Matchmaking care and concern, it’s quite possible for any professional to find the perfect executive match.

Claire, 24

International Organization

I have had experiences with many other dating companies but have never had such pleasing one that I had with executive dating agency - Macbeth Matchmaking. They were very progressive in their own way and made sure I had provided them with all necessary details about my preferences, likes and dislikes. I expected a very normal matchmaking service but they had outshined all other companies that I took help from in the past. They successfully arranged dates for me and all the men I have met till now through them were excellent in the way they behaved and were brilliantly polished. I am very much impressed with them and would love to recommend them to everyone who is looking for real love.

Jordan, 41

Business Strategist

Continuous engaging meeting and hectic travel schedules left me with hardly any time to look up for matches suiting me. That is when Macbeth matchmaking helped me understand the importance of having a soulmate and making up some time for it too. Though I did not have to spend much of the hours on searching dates, Rossana and her team made all the strategies and matching. I was mostly in contact with Anna who made sure I met well mannered, intelligent, and independent women who went well with my preferred choice and criteria. I am a huge fan of their high-end matchmaking services.

Emma, 37


It was such a pleasure to work with these professional matchmakers. My personal matchmaker was not just someone who would fix me matches according to my preference but was a true inspiration. After daily working schedules that included sudden trips and meeting tough clients the whole day, it was nearly a huge headache for me to go around meeting new people and deciding over settling things permanently. Macbeth Matchmaking helped me finding the love of my life, my friend, my partner, my confident! I wish all singles to get as lucky as me in finding happiness and love in life with Macbeth Matchmaking.

Amanda, 33

Medical doctor

I have had interviews with some agencies for finding better dates and I felt most comfortable with Macbeth Matchmaking. I sensed good vibes and positive results from them. They had solutions and options open for most of my problems and preferences. The service that was provided by this team was simply the best as one would expect to be. I recommend Macbeth Matchmaking to all those searching for an exclusive and executive match.

Alejandro, 31

Sport Manager

I joined Macbeth-matchmaking a few months ago and I am totally satisfied with their service. Carla is my matchmaker and I can say she genuinely cares about my interests and matching me with individuals that will be compatible with me for a long and enduring relationship. I am certain that I am going to discover my perfect partner here. Fingers crossed. Totally trust on my elite dating agency, five stars from me!!

Paul, 34

International Organization

Finding the right person is intense and time consuming. I heard about matchmaking services and discovered Macbeth-matchmaking. Their involvement and support have been superb! They are helping me to understand what I need from a relationship and I meeting lovely ladies. I hope to find soon my soul mate soon.

Bruno, 58

Boards Advisor

After I joined Macbeth-matchmaking, an exclusive dating service, I have been on two dates and both ladies were incredible. I am so pleased to have discovered somebody that will assist me with my relationships and my life. Olga, my professional matchmaker, is the best.

Juan, 30


Olga is really amazing! Obviously, I was a little uneasy about contacting a matchmaking agency, however I met with this brilliant woman and all my doubts just vanished. Her matches appear to be totally in accordance with what I'm searching for and as per my needs and discussed in our first meeting. I hope to finally settle down!!


Art Director, 44

Anna is simply perfect in what she does. She is an exclusive matchmaker. It's as simple as that. She goes well beyond her professional boundaries, and that makes her so uncommon. Prior to my first date, she came to meet me, since I was insanely anxious and nervous about how it will go. She was there rock solid giving me the support I needed.

Luis, 32


I met Olga from Macbeth-matchmaking agency. She is the best professional matchmaker. My one regret is that I didn't discover her sooner. She's basically the best help you will get if you are looking for some professional help in the dating scene.

Leon, 43

Personal Growth Coach, CEO

I was searching for a solid matchmaking agency when I came to know about Macbeth Matchmaking. The testimonials of previous clients were incredible, so I chose to check it out and it was the best choice of my life. I met my better half through Macbeth-matchmaking and I can't say thanks enough.

Noah, 40

Medical doctor

Anna from Macbeth-matchmaking is just the matchmaker you need if you have not found the love of your life. She is just splendid in what she does. I joined here a few months ago and I am sure she is going to find me my love. Top service!

Oskar, 43

Marketing Expert

I simply needed to say a big “thank you” to this international dating service. Much appreciate your service and the things you do, the degree that you go to, to discover the perfect partner for me. I am totally appreciative for helping me find my love. It could never have been possible to discover her without your help. Your matchmaking service is totally the best out there!

Markus, 55


I am highly impressed with the assistance that Macbeth Matchmaking elite dating agency has provided me. May personal matchmaker made me understand how to improve myself during the first dates. Right from how to talk, what to wear, my body language etc. I have been using their services since the past seven months and have had introductions with some fabulous and attractive ladies. A 360 degree matchmakers they are, indeed!

Liam, 34


Anna has been a massive help in getting my dating life back on track! She won't take you on as a matchmaking customer, she really gets invested in your love life and helps you settle down in life. She's straightforward and she's the genuine person, the elite matchmaker who can truly enable you to find what you are looking for!

Sergei, 42

Real Estate

Macbeth Matchmaking agency has been a very top-notch exclusive experience for me. They have matched my profile with beautiful, cultured and exquisitely mannered ladies. Women who have similar interests and lifestyle as me. I am impressed with the service they have provided me and it feels great to be heard and understood by them.

João, 29

Supply Chain Manager

End to end meeting schedules and heavy workload did not leave me any time and energy to spend on dating sites. With Macbeth Matchmaking coaches I don’t need to bother about anything more. I am thankful to the entire team for understanding my requirements! I am meeting very attractive ladies, intelligent, international, independent women.. thank you!

Joseph, 49

Scientific Journalist

Macbeth Matchmaking has been a big boost to my confidence after a sudden break-up in life. I had very interesting and useful sessions with my coach, dating tips and more. I am hopeful and more optimistic now with my love life. I am grateful to my coach and the whole team at Macbeth Matchmaking.

Carlo, 31


I was always too busy to look for a partner and I surely required someone who would help me saving time and energy. I previously worked with few dating companies who could not stand up to my expectations. A colleague recommended me Macbeth Matchmaking. I met with Olga, my personal matchmaker, we discussed my requirements and choices, and all went really well. I was introduced to beautiful ladies, equally successful in their career as me, interesting and fun. I am happily engaged now. Thanks to Macbeth Matchmaking and my super coach.

Jean-Paul, 65

CEO - retired

The ill-fated accident left me widowed and I remained single for some time before I got to know Macbeth Matchmaking and their introduction services. The team has wonderful coaches and matchmakers who make sure to provide the best executive and polished matches to their customers. I have met wonderful ladies, combination of “beauty with brains” kind of high-educated women, refined and feminine. After a few introductions, I found my perfect match! I thank Macbeth matchmaking group wholeheartedly and recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

George, 52

HR Director

I have used the dating services of many agencies, but none could match the professionalism and perfection of Macbeth Matchmaking Company. They have good experience in understanding your problems and needs. The matchmakers available in their team are just fabulous and suggest many ways to deal with dates, they provide useful dating tips. I am overwhelmed with the service offered by the agency and I would highly recommend it for all.

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