Find your dating and matchmaking agency in Hamburg

You’re young, professional and you live a happy –though solitary—life in Hamburg. Your friends are all either engaged or married by now and you wonder how long it will be before all the singles in Hamburg have been swept off into matrimony, leaving you no-one to hang out with. The idea of giving it a go online enters your mind, but you dismiss it on the spot. Just the thought of the false photos, misleading information and awkward dates makes you queasy.

A site to visit for dating in Hamburg, Germany

At the same time, a part of you is ready to find someone special. And somehow, a leap of faith has brought you to this website: a site for singles interested in dating in Hamburg. You’ve come to Macbeth, a dating and matchmaking agency in Hamburg, and we’re about to break your schemata and brighten your day.

What sets us apart

We’re a globally renowned agency with local availability, with offices in different cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Dubai, London, Barcelona, and of course, Hamburg, among many others. At Macbeth, we’re known for our personalised one-on-one service and we’re meticulous when it comes to looking after our clients. We streamline the dating process, handling all the busy work for you and checking out all prospective dates, so that you know exactly who you’ll be meeting and what that person’s about.

Proactive matchmakers offering custom service

Here at Macbeth, we love what we do. Our matchmakers are proactive, motivated dating and relationship specialists who thoroughly understand people. They understand how valuable your time is and they’re not about to waste it. They tailor their searches to your specific needs and only present you with profiles that match your criteria. So ultimately, what you get at Macbeth is a boutique dating experience.

Meeting your personal matchmaker

When you contact us, we will assign you a personal matchmaker, who will then meet with you face to face, to find out who you are, what you want and what makes you tick. Your matchmaker will then take information and set out on the search for your life partner. That’s what our matchmaking services are all about.

A unique, signature method

What happens next? You’ll be offered a number of potential date profiles to choose from. After each date, you’ll meet with your matchmaker, to discuss how it all went and decide on the next steps. Your matchmaker will stand by you through the entire dating process, providing a range of very unique services:

  • An initial meeting, with no strings attached
  • Psychological assessments
  • Evaluation of traits that can only be detected in person: personality, body language and emotional range
  • Optional guidance before your date, for greater confidence
  • ID-checked profiles, to eliminate the surprise factor
  • Customised searches and profile matching
  • Optional life coaching

At your side until the end

And what about after all that? Well, as they say, it isn’t over till it’s over. Your matchmaker will stick around until you’ve found someone special. This is just another feature that defines the quality of our work.

Special German dating sites

Macbeth Matchmaking also has special German dating sites for singles like you who tend to move around a bit within the country.

World traveller, don’t despair

It’s said that different languages and cultures make the world a colourful place. That’s true. But moving somewhere new for work and finding yourself at a constant loss for words because you lack command of the local language can be very isolating. If your work has you travelling from place to place or if you’ve recently relocated, don’t allow language barriers to discourage you from living life to the fullest. Check out Macbeth’s specialised international dating sites.

We take your confidentiality seriously

At Macbeth, your privacy and security are important to us. We guarantee the total discretion and veracity of all the information exchanged with us. Your interviews and psychological assessments are strictly confidential and will never be disclosed with anyone without your express permission. Moreover, we run background checks on each of our members, to guarantee that the people you meet are exactly who they claim to be.

Start preparing for your personal life

You’re a professional in your field, and it would never occur to you to partner with another business without first checking them out. Moreover, you’d never dream of giving a presentation without preparing it first. Why not apply these criteria to your personal life? Let Macbeth do the busy work for you, and enjoy the adventure of finally finding that special someone.