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You’re a hard-working go-getter with an amazing career and a fabulous life, but you’re still missing that special someone to make it complete. You’ve tried everything, both offline and online, but nothing seems to work.

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Macbeth matrimonial agency in Munich, your long-sought oasis

The online dating scene here in Munich increasingly resembles a long trek through the hot desert: it’s plagued with mirages, and when you finally come up to them in person, the entire vision collapses before your eyes, taking your hope along with it.

About now, you’re in need of an oasis. Meet Macbeth Matchmakers, a dating agency in Munich that carefully customises searches, introducing you to real people who have been thoroughly checked out. There you have it: no surprises.

Motivated Matchmakers who love their work

Motivated and experienced, Macbeth matchmakers are specialists with a deep understanding of people, human communication and relationships. Moreover, they love what they do. They understand the value of your time and they won’t allow you to waste it. In keeping with a structured system, they will sit down with you for an initial meeting, no strings attached, and when you say the word, they’ll embark on the mission to find you your ideal partner.

Matchmaking in Munich: how do we work?

When you send in the online request form, we will contact you to invite you in for a talk, and you will be assigned one of our expert matchmakers. Based on the information you provide, that person will draw up your profile including all your quirks, complexities and desires. The next step is to match you to your potential dates and present you with a list of possible matches. The rest is in your hands.

A dating and matchmaking agency in Munich with personalised service

As a personal matchmaking agency in Munich, we work with selective career-focused singles like you, to find your ideal partner. We know time how valuable your time is and we won’t let you waste it. After filing out the online request form, you’ll be invited over for a personal interview with your assigned matchmaker, to find out exactly who you are and what you want. Your matchmaker will then begin the search for your ideal partner.

Always by your side

Yet it isn’t over until it’s over. In other words, our work is not finished until you’re sure you’ve found that special person. Moreover, we stand by you every step of the way, providing you will a host of services, including:

  • ID-checks on all profiles, so you know who you’re meeting
  • Optional guidance before your date, to boost your confidence
  • Pre-date briefing on the do’s and don’ts of dating in Munich
  • Optional dating and life coaching services
  • Follow-up meetings with your matchmaker after your date
  • Psychological assessments
  • Customised searches and strategies for the ideal match

More chemistry and connection, with less awkward moments

For obvious reasons, first dates can be awkward, and when they’re blind dates, it’s even worse. To take the edge off things, your Macbeth matchmaker in Munich has a firm understanding of the dating in Munich and German culture. He/she will ask all the questions beforehand, so you can focus on connecting with your date.

International matchmakers

Do you travel a lot for your work? Have you recently moved to Munich? If so, don’t allow linguistic or cultural differences discourage you from finding that special someone. Check out our international matchmaker service. It may be just what you need.

Age should never be a barrier

Because everyone’s life is different, our dating and matchmaking agency in Munich offers services to accommodate people of all ages. For those of you who are older and wiser, regardless of the circumstance, it’s never too late to find your soulmate. Be sure to check out our mature dating sites.

Privacy and accuracy are paramount

As your matchmaking agency in Munich, we take your private life seriously and guarantee total confidentiality and accuracy of all information at all times. The psychological assessments, interviews and screenings are strictly confidential and will never be conveyed to third parties without your express consent. Moreover, we run background checks on all profiles, to give you the peace of mind that the people you meet are precisely who they say they are.

Matchmaking in Munich: find the ideal match for you

You’re driven and hard-working, and you want the best in life. That includes a life partner who shares your values; someone who fits into your lifestyle. Take the toil and tedium out of finding your match. Give us a call and optimise the search for your special someone thanks to our dating and matchmaking services in Munich.


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