Discover our process to help you find who you are looking for

Through our personalized elite dating service and matchmaking, we select the most qualified singles that meet your specific criteria.

Dating can be difficult for everyone; however, it is made that much harder when you have special requirements. We understand these issues at Macbeth Matchmaking and we have developed a private approach to helping the most discerning singles increase their chances for a more promising and exciting personal life.

Our services are unique and designed to suit the personality, income, lifestyle and preferences of each individual client.

All programs are 100% customized, confidential, and conducted by our own Matchmakers.

Application for membership

To apply for membership with Macbeth Matchmaking the first step is to contact us. We will provide you with detailed information about our services and invite you to an informal meeting to get to know you. Our aim is to learn more about you, your background, personality, lifestyle, interests and of course, the characteristics of your ideal partner.

Getting to know you on a personal level, whether you are on a dating services program or a bespoke matchmaking services program, is essential to the success of our relationship as client and member.


Upon registration, our Matchmaker will conduct an in-depth personal interview.

This process also allows us to evaluate factors like personality, values, emotional availability, body language, and physical appearance, all of which would be lost with just an online experience.


Once you have registered, your Matchmaker will present you with a choice of carefully selected profiles. You can then make an informed decision to either pursue a particular match, or continue on with the search.

We never share your personal information with possible matches without your explicit consent. Discretion, trust and expertise is the key to the dating services we provide.


This is your chance to assess for yourself how compatible you are with your match. At this stage you are able to take your time and explore each other’s personalities and lifestyles, as well as the level of chemistry and physical attraction.


After your date, your Matchmaker will spend time with you discussing the introduction. You can let us know how the date went and how you want to move forwards. You’ll be encouraged to be completely honest about your experience, so that we’re better able to fulfil any current or future needs you have. Clear and open communication helps us to refine our search and work towards finding you that special someone.

We will help you find your ideal match as quickly and painlessly as possible, so you can avoid spending time and money on disappointing dates. Our members are well-educated individuals that we can coach, guide, and inspire to find real love.

Dating may have been challenging for you in the past, and you are now seeking solutions to a more successful experience. Maybe you have tried dating services or to meet successful singles online without success but sofar you have not found your love and ideal partner.

Love is an emotion that connects two unconnected people. Forging of this bond requires investment of time, faith and goodwill apart from an equal desire on both sides to explore a possible common road.

You will come to know to each other, like each other, help and care for each other, enjoy each other’s company. You will learn about how to deal with each other and slowly move to a point where you may feel the other person is an absolutely integral, inseparable part of your life.

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