Whoever doesn't have that word in their mouth or doesn't mention it during a conversation!!!   We often complain that we don't have the time to live the relationship we want with our loved one, but what time do we give to this beautiful relationship? We are living in a difficult time marked by fears, alarms and anxieties that test even the strongest relationships. Taking the time to communicate, to share, to reorganize a new routine for 2 away from the stress of everyday life...If this time is well lived, it can represent the opportunity for a true rebirth of the couple. But what do those who do not have their soulmate by their side do? How do they cope during this period? It's a bad time to get to know each other, isn't it? Not so sure... It's time for a balance view ! In this period of…

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“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” Voltaire.