Dating over 40: Finding your life partner

Are you a 40-year-old woman dating? Are you a man searching for singles in their 40s and over? You are in best dating sites for over 40. You’ve virtually got it all: a great career, fabulous friends, money, success, the experience of past relationships, and you may even have a kid or two. And now you’re finally ready to give it another go and find someone special to share your life with. You’re over 40 and you’re ready to start dating 40 singles.

Yet at this stage, it isn’t quite as easy as it used to be to meet quality, like-minded people. These days it’s all online. When you combine the daunting notion of dating at any age with the new technology and the rampant misrepresentation that’s out there on most dating sites, you’ve got to have ironman-like patience not to throw in the towel from the start.

Personalised service, prioritising quality over quantity

In most cases, the online dating for 40-year olds scene is a numbers game. And winning is a matter quantity over quality, with loads of photos and profiles and few criteria. That’s where one of the best dating sites for over 40 differs, turning the tables, to offer personalised guidance and quality. Our 40-plus dating agents and dating agency for over 50s will take you by the hand and show you exclusively the profiles that match your needs, your values and your lifestyle. Now, finding mature dating for over 40s is not a game anymore.

Our over 40s dating agency does work for you

We know you’ve got better ways to spend your free time than sifting through endless profiles and online chats. Macbeth Matchmakers will do the busy work for you, customising the search to your specific needs, to find you the ideal partner at our over 40s dating agency.

How it works

How does our dating service for those over 40 work? After filling out the contact form, our experienced over 40s or 50s dating agency team will invite you for an initial casual meeting to understand your preferences. Following that, you’ll have a comprehensive interview with your personal matchmaker to truly get to know you. Shortly after, our dating agency for over 40s will present several potential dates, and the choice is yours.

We're there to guide you

At Macbeth matchmaking over 40 services, we take our customers and online dating seriously. If you’re single and 40 plus, we know it isn’t easy to get back out there. We know the rules of the game have changed and we’re here to re-teach you the ropes, so you can start dating again with confidence, security and total command. We know it’s never too late so we also offer services at our senior dating sites over 60.

Dating over 40: at your side every step of the way

Whether it’s what to wear, where to go or how to break the ice with your date, we’re right there to guide you with anything you need. This 40 plus dating site covers the entire dating cycle and include:

  • Life coaching

  • Pre-date guidance, for your total confidence

  • A post-date meeting with your matchmaker, to discuss how it all went

  • Further strategies tailored to your specific needs

Added values: customisation, confidentiality and availability

As dating specialists for people 40 and over, here at Macbeth we have developed a different approach with added values that set us apart from the rest:

  • Customised matching with other elite members

  • ID-checked profiles, so you know exactly who you’re meeting

  • Proven psychology assessment methods

  • Guaranteed discretion and confidentiality

  • A global team, available wherever you may be

Over 40 dating: Your journey starts here

The advantage of age is the life experience of knowing who you are and what you want in a life partner. You’re a selective single over 40 and you’re ready to date again. No sweat. At Macbeth Matchmaking, we specialize in over 40s dating, providing tailored matchmaking services to ensure your dating journey is a success.  Give us a call or fill in the enquiry form, no strings attached.

Can you find true love at your 40s?

Love is ageless.
Now that you’re over your 40’s, you’ve certainly achieved your life goals as success in your professional career, friends or travelling.
You have probably felt love before, and it’s not harder to achieve it once you reach your 40’s. In Macbeth we help you to find your true love, because there is no perfect time for love.

How do I meet a 40 year old single?

You may think that meeting singles over 40’s is hard, why don’t you try those tips?

  • Be open-minded and patient, you never know where’s your love waiting…
  • Go clubbing with friends and try to meet new people
  • Why don’t you enroll yourself into cook, dance, art lessons? You may meet people with similar interests.
  • Try dating with dating specialists as Macbeth

What age should a 40 year old woman date?

Most women tend to date older people. Nonetheless, there’s no prefered age to date at your 40’s, just date whoever you like and whomever you feel comfortable with. Because love is blind and does not depend on ages.

Why is dating over 40 so hard?

Once you reach your 40’s you may think dating is getting hard. It’s okay, you may now have more responsibilities than ever, deal with kids or get through a divorce. Meet new people is challenging at any age, and now that you’re more exigent makes it harder. We are here to make dating over 40 easier and more rewarding.

There are two ways to become a member

Exclusive membership

  • Assured introductions

  • Dedicated personal matchmaker

  • Active pursuit of compatible matches & Exclusive headhunting for matches locally or globally

  • Date coaching & Relationship counselling

Basic membership

  • Passive profile enrollment

  • Possibility of being matched with an Exclusive Member (not guaranteed)

After thoroughly discussing and gaining a clear understanding of your unique needs, we will provide
personalized membership recommendations. Please get in touch with us to schedule a private consultation

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