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You’ve worked hard, you’ve made it to the top and now you’d like to share it with someone as special as you are. You’ve considered online dating, but let’s face it, who’s got the patience for that? You’d love a little help, but you have zero desire to broadcast it to the world. Besides, you’re all about exclusive. It’s time for an executive dating search.

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An exclusive introduction agency for executive singles

What you need is a discreet, exclusive matchmaking service for professionals like you. An introduction agency that understands the value of your privacy and time. Macbeth Matchmaking shares these values and has set up a system to guarantee discretion and save you from wasting your time with people of no interest to you. By background checking each and every member, we can guarantee the people meet are who they say they are.

Macbeth, executive dating services

At Macbeth, one of the best exclusive dating for professionals and a millionaire dating agency, we know you’re a busy professional, we know your time is a valuable commodity, and we also know that you want an exclusive service. We can take the stress out of the dating game by doing the busy work for you. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll schedule a face-to-face interview with one of our executive matchmakers, where you can describe your lifestyle and share your values, your needs and your goals. Those details will serve to help find executive singles that match your description.

Total confidentiality

One common concern of the users of executive dating sites for professionals is the confidentiality of the information they share. Rest assured. Our exclusive dating agency and matchmaking service is private. Macbeth will not disclose any of your information without your explicit consent.

Exclusive dating services with a fresh approach

Using a dating agency with personalised services and elite membership means embarking on an exciting adventure. You’ll have access to your professional matchmaker every step of the way, from the initial interview through to the discussions about your first dates and beyond. Lifestyle and date coaching are available, to ease your concerns and increase your confidence as you get back to playing the field. You’ll also enjoy knowing the essentials of our service:

  • We evaluate aspects that cannot be detected online: personality, body language, and emotional range.
  • We customise profile matching with quality people who want exactly what you want.
  • You’re in the hands of a motivated dating agency who love what they do.
  • We ID-check all contacts, to eliminate the surprise (shock?) factor.
  • We won’t give up until you’ve found your match.

Exclusive matchmaking agency

As a top-notch professional, showing up to a meeting unprepared would be completely inconceivable. What’s more, you’d never even consider taking on a new business partner without checking them out first. Why not apply these criteria to your personal life? And needless to say, if you’re looking to tie the knot, our matrimonial agency would be an excellent place to start.

Different strokes

We all know that the experience of life is different for everyone. For that reason, we offer exclusive dating sites for people in different walks of life:

For those with exclusive lifestyles

For true sybarites who want the very finest services and experience life has to offer, you’ll want to check out our millionaire dating agency. An exclusive dating site where you will be connected with singles who share your values, tastes and lifestyle. People you’re sure to see eye-to-eye with.

For the older and wiser

We’re all in different places in life. Just because you’re a bit older doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Whether you’ve been through a divorce or you’ve simply been married to your career until now, Macbeth’s specialised mature dating sites may be ideal for you.

Exclusive introductions for international lifestyles

As a key player in your professional field, your job may take you from place to place around the world. You may have even relocated somewhere abroad. Whatever the case, the cultural and linguistic differences may be keeping you from getting to know the people and places around you. Macbeth offers an exclusive dating website with international dating and matchmaking services that are sure to help you break the ice and ease into your new home.

Executive matchmaking services

You’ve worked hard and made the highest ranks as a professional. And now you’re ready to take your love life to the next level. You’re not into wasting time and you’re accustomed to exclusive service. Macbeth Matchmaking has what you’re looking for. Call us. You may be only a few clicks away from a new chapter in your life.


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