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Make your love life delicious

There aren’t many things in life that are both absolutely necessary and also a total joy to partake in. Food, the preparation and the pleasure of devouring a good meal, is the home of many a significant moment in relationships. There’s the first date, the first meal you cook for each other, your memorable restaurants, the I’m sorry favourite, and that one special dish only your partner knows how to make just right. All of these food-filled occasions are sewn into the fabric of our enjoyment together.

To add to this feast of love, we’ve compiled a list that’s based purely on making your intimate times as delicious as possible. It’s sure to help you create some memories in the bedroom, so don’t just make it up as you go along, select a couple to fit your mood.


The old favourite and very much an acquired taste, oysters are the luxury of aphrodisiac.
It’s commonly believed that the right way to eat oysters is to let them slip down your throat in one. Actually, taking the time to chew will release the flavours and allow for an even more satisfying and decadent experience.
Chances are that your partner will know exactly where the night is headed if you bring these bad boys out on a date, so there’ll be no mixed signals to worry about here.


Okay, so not technically a food, but there are grapes involved so it gets a pass. Don’t be predictable when it comes to choosing a wine that complements the meal you’re having. If you’re in a restaurant, ask the sommelier for recommendations and try stepping away from what you would usually drink. Trust in this trained person and see if your taste buds appreciate a combination of wine and food that you wouldn’t normally select. You can always change your mind, or it could lead to a night of even more experimentation.


Chocolate is said to derive its aphrodisiac status from chemicals it contains that help to stimulate our brains in the most pleasurable of ways. It may be why for some, just the sight of it and the visual promise of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, is enough to get the happy juices flowing.
If you’re introducing chocolate into your love life, be discerning. Choose the origin you prefer, the cocoa content, whether it’s going to be a truffle or even liqueur. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect start to a night of passion.


This one may come as a surprise to you, but chillies help our brain to release those ever so useful endorphins. They also increase blood flow and during a night with your loved one, that won’t be a bad thing. If you’re a fan of spicy food there’s no harm in adding as much heat as you can handle. For those of you with a slightly more sensitive palate, try a mild chilli added sparingly to your meal. Any dash of heat is better than none at all.


If you’re part of the latest clean eating craze then you’ll already think the avocado is king. What a bonus it will be to find out it’s also a royal help in the love-making department. No one’s really sure exactly what makes this fruit an aphrodisiac, but it’s likely down to its silky smooth taste, its shape, and the fact they grow in pairs…

Olive oil

What do you think about when you hear the words olive oil? Is it small Italian villages with healthy, fertile families, all living and loving in the soothing Mediterranean sun? Well, there may be a reason for this.
Olive oil enhances testosterone production and helps to provide our sex organs with exactly what they need to stay in healthy working order. Try simply dipping a little bread into it, or pouring a small amount over your pasta to help kick your romance off to a silky start.


A classic that you’ve probably already seen associated with the onset of some serious romance and extravagant foreplay. Don’t forget you can go for gold and really mix some of these love-inducing foods. Strawberries, dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with a little cayenne pepper means you’re on to a sure-fire winner.

Whipped cream

The link between whipped cream and the bedroom may have more to do with where its squirted than any inherent sexual powers it has. This doesn’t mean however that it’s not a valid addition to our list of how to make your love life as delicious as possible. Light in texture, creamy to taste, who wouldn’t want to combine the two most fun things in life; sex and dessert?

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