Having Christmas with someone new this year?

Christmas with a new partner can be a heady mix of new experiences, unexpected gifts and the discovery of weird traditions you’ve never heard of in your entire life.  It is indeed a season to cherish and with a little luck, you’ll have enough time away from work to fully engage in the moment.  To help you along and keep Christmas light, positive and fun, take heed of the below advice for some of the most common situations.

New discoveries

One of the major benefits of using a professional dating service is that you’re going into a relationship with someone who’s been hand picked to sync perfectly into the world you live.  It means that whilst there may be some differences in your approach to life, the fundamental connection can be a lot faster and stronger, without needing to go on a thousand dates first. This all being said however, whether your new beau is a Champagne breakfast kind of man or a Christmas lunch at 7pm sort of girl, there are some romantic elements we can’t predict, and which are much more fun to find out for yourself.

If we have a single piece of advice to share with you here, it’s that compromise is a really good festive gift to have in your stocking, treat it as your ace card.  Just because you or your family have always done something, it doesn’t make it right or rooted in stone.  Have an open mind, be willing to try new foods, new routines, even new party games.  Make it your goal to try something new this year and let your partner be the teacher.

Not all Christmas stories are full of joy

So, we’re all about singles matchmaking, but we’re definitely not magicians! Basing a potential love match on your partner’s feelings about Christmas would, in any circle, be viewed as a little extreme, maybe even picky. If it just so happens that this time of year is something you absolutely adore but is an utter pain for the new person in your life, then you’re going to have to tread very carefully.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to enjoying this time of year, but there is the possibility of one of you taking things a little too seriously, or expecting too much from the other.  The very first course of action we recommend is to find out each other’s histories in relation to this holiday.  Does your partner associate it with a loss of some kind, does it bring back unpleasant memories? For you, does it remind you of the last time you had your whole family together, was it the only time you felt truly secure in childhood?  These may all sound like pretty deep and meaningful questions, but they are some of the most important discussions you can have.  When people have strong opinions, aversions or likes, there’s usually a reason behind it.  Making the effort to understand rather than get upset and judge will pave the way for a more loving Christmas.

Plan, plan, plan

For heaven’s sake, make plans together this season.  There two types that we want you to make an effort with and ensure you have ready.  The first, is for any unexpected free time that you know you’re definitely going to have.  It’s usually after all the food has been eaten (well, as much of it as you can handle) and you’re stuffed to the eyeballs with festive television and radio. Plan that special walk you’re going to take, make a list of all the movies you’ve wanted to see in your life, use the opportunity to share and make new memories as a couple.

The second type of plan we want you to make is just the logistics of it all.  If you’ve already met each other’s parents then don’t make the mistake of spending the whole season driving or flying to and from visiting other people.  Have clear days, more than one, where it’s just about the two of you. Discover our personal dating services.