Stop arguments before they start for happier relationships

It almost seems like there is a stage of petty bickering and arguing that everyone goes through in a relationship. Even if the relationship appears to be going great, there will be some point where you find yourself bickering. You will have a good time together, then one of you say or do something, and suddenly you fight!


Let’s handle it – “winning” an argument feels almost as bad as losing! If you do not do something, you know that the constant arguments about the relationship tear it apart.


Stop Arguing with Girlfriend Tip # 1 – Will it Matter Tomorrow?


You can not fight over every perceived wrong. Is it critical to get your way all the time? Do you think it’s possible? Or desirable? Let’s say she has a problem getting anywhere on time – is it worth getting into a fight every time they leave for a few minutes? Your inertia response to her will set the tone for the evening. Does it make sense to start the evening on such a negative note? If not, give her – and you – a break, and move it.


Do not get me wrong – if there turns up something important, you have to go. The fact that you let the little things slide does not mean you have to sit back and give her a pass when she makes the enormous cost to your credit card. You have to confront her as soon as you come to know about such a major violation. But as she left the cap off the toothpaste tube, so what? I mean, cry me a river! Let it go!


Stop Arguing with Girlfriend Tip # 2 – Partition Your Heart


It’s something about men – we have a bad habit of keeping problems for ourselves. We let things just sit and simmer until they are suddenly boiling over. This is a destructive approach to problem-solving So many boys feel bad because their girlfriends never pay for anything when they go out. If this is the case with you, you have to talk to her!


Your conversation should be calm and civilized, though, and you cannot call her a miser! You cannot think that when people annoy you, they do it on purpose. As is customary in many places that the man pays. If, when you talk to her, you find out that this is how they grew up, you know they are not trying to make you feel bad, but feel good! And you can get a way that they can contribute without making you feel bad!


You will notice that you avoid a lot of arguments with your girlfriend if you just sit down and have explicit conversations with her.


Stop Arguing with Girlfriend Tip # 3 – Check Patterns


The individual subjects of our arguments may be trivial, but we can sometimes discern a pattern in a group of such disputes. Try this: analyze how to start arguments and see if there’s a connection.


If it appears that you are fighting mostly for money or respect for each other’s time, do not start another fight, but sit down and talk carefully about it. If the things she does makes you feel bad, stupid, or feel embarrassed, or whatever, let her know about it. She might not be aware. Try avoid not to judge or blame her. Feelings are not good or bad; they are just there. If you share your feelings about things, you will understand each other better, and you’ll find yourself more attention to each other’s feelings. Sharing your feelings lead to real solutions to problems of compromise and entirely new ways of doing things.


Honestly, this is what relationships are all about – sharing how you feel with her. What good is it to prove that you are “right” all the time, if all that means is that you continue to fight? It is real life and an adult relationship. Make an effort to share your feelings honestly with her and you’ll be amazed how swiftly the two of you stop the senseless bickering and start to enjoy each other’s company!


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