How to be a Lady?

Whether you live in Zurich or the heart of London, it’s extremely likely that you’ve witnessed at least one report on the decline of lady-like sensibilities. More and more in today’s society,
women are being accused of adopting the least attractive qualities that we associate with men. These are said to include excessive drinking, swearing, staying out all night and on some occasions, a disappointing willingness to engage in physical altercations.

If this is something you want no part in and you’re interested in maintaining old school values, or emulating the classy behaviour from a bygone era, here are the key things you need to know.

To swear or not to swear

The use of profanity is an interesting paradox, as it can be said that a lady never swears and also that in fact, no one knows how to swear better than a lady. Grace and style are rarely lost whatever a lady is doing and expressing herself in rather strong terms is no exception. As long as you employ impeccable timing and use your choice of words sparingly, swearing can occasionally remind people how much of a lady you are. Our tip is to definitely avoid tirades and to swear in annoyance perhaps, but never anger.

Know your worth, always

Whether you’re wearing heels and pearls or trainers and diamonds, a lady will not let her outer appearance define her behaviour, or how she allows others to treat her. This of course includes the way she interacts with men.

In a relationship a lady knows her worth and never underestimates the value of a man who accepts all facets of her personality. Far from being a perfect woman, it’s about being perfectly you, whatever that may look like. Sense of self will be inherent to your lady-like qualities, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not receiving the required support in your most fabulous and most vulnerable moments.

Be switched on

In relationships, a lady doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to her man and this means keeping up with the good as well as the bad. Put plainly, she knows him inside out, the ways to his heart, what makes him happy and what his weaknesses are. This is an especially important ability because if there’s one thing a lady isn’t, it’s a fool. Sure, keeping up with the Joneses has gone into global overdrive since the advent of social media platforms, but a lady will always tend to her own green grass, before fawning over the façade presented by others.

Your favourite tipple

This could be a controversial one, but we’re going to be brutally honest anyway – pint glasses are not an attractive look on a lady. They never have been and never will be. As much as you may love the cool slip of beer down your throat, opt for half a pint if looks are important to you. If not, by all means glug away.

While we’re on the subject of drinking, knowing your limits and not supping until you’re either incoherent or passed out on the local high street, is definitely advisable. Typically, old school ladies would be known to drink wine, spirits and of course anything of the bubbly variety, but whatever you choose, pace yourself. It’s not a race, enjoy and savour it.

Disagree, don’t argue

Ladies don’t have what are commonly known as arguments. Their wit, patience and intelligence are far beyond this. Hone your skills enough so you become practiced at getting straight to the heart of the matter and can quickly assess the merits of any disagreement. You can always make a conscious decision about whether it’s worth pursuing a particular line of contention, or better to relegate it to the mental file labelled of little importance.

Never argue with those who are clearly on another wavelength, never ever bully and likewise, never be intimidated by those who might seek to belittle you.

Dating confidence

Ladies are secure in their femininity and will only romantically entertain men who are comfortable in their masculinity. Period. Ladies will never reduce their greatness to make another person feel comfortable, but they will always make an effort to be kind and compassionate with those who perhaps are lacking in confidence.

Make sure that the roles in your romantic relationship are clearly defined. In the event that any competition or tension does exist between the two of you, ensure it’s of the fun, sporting variety and not that which seeks to define or lessen who you each are.


Feminine intuition is a heavenly gift and should never be dismissed. If you really want to be a lady then you absolutely must let go of reactive behaviour and start trusting your intuition instead. It’s a part of your power and a lady is not only aware of her intuition, but more often than not will live by it. Have a firm grasp of how yours works and learn to not confuse it with being paranoid, over reacting or being too sensitive.

When you refer to your intuition, don’t be ashamed of it. Be clear with people why you’re making the choices you’re making, as this will slowly garner you the respect that you deserve and help to grow your confidence. If used well, intuition will serve you greatly throughout your life.

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