How to flirt over text with examples

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Advice on how to flirt over text

So, what are some flirty questions to ask your crush over text? Let’s look at a few examples here of how to flirt with a girl over text or with a guy. First of all we need to think about the person on the other end of the conversation – “know your audience” or “read the room” are key pieces of advice here. In other words, you want to adapt your language, tone and style to the kind of person who will be receiving your messages. For example, we typically behave very differently depending on whether we’re addressing our partner, or sibling or our boss, right? Texting is no exception.

Humour is a great tool to break the ice when flirting over text, and can ease the atmosphere and give way to some intimate revelations. However, let’s not forget that not everyone has the same sense of humour, and what might be funny, jokey or humorous for one person might be seen as inappropriate or out-of-line by someone else. Always bear in mind the sensibilities of the person you’re flirting with to avoid embarrassment and risk of offending others, at least initially. Once the initial stage is over and you have gotten to know each other a bit better, you can be more relaxed and lenient with your sense of humour as the groundwork will have been laid already.

One great tip is to play flirty truth or dare questions over text – this is a proven ice-breaker tool, everyone knows the rules already and it can be a really fun and interesting way to get to know unexpected details about the other person!

How to flirt with a girl: Examples

There are some tactics you could turn to, if you want to know how to flirt over text with a girl, always keeping in mind their personality, disposition and possible sensibilities to avoid “putting your foot in it”, so to speak.

Compliment her mannerisms

Pay close attention to how the girl you are trying to flirt with texts; everyone has their quirks when it comes to texting and these little details are a fun thing to point-out in a flirty way. Maybe she uses some specific emojis or emoticons, or maybe she uses signs of punctuation in a particular way; maybe she even says hello or goodbye in a way others do not.

Whatever it is that she does, let her know you notice these little details, and rest assured she will love the fact that you pay attention to what makes her unique.

Show her that you think about her

When you meet a person there are several things that you might end up relating them to. If the girl you met likes something (a music genre, a movie, some TV show) that you now think about when you think about her, take advantage of the internet to send her media that refers to this particular thing.
This way you get to show both, your interest in her and how much attention and effort you put into your conversations. Be creative and engage with what makes her happy, show that you really appreciate talking to her even when you are just chatting up and not in person.

Playfulness goes a long way

Joking and showing your sense of humor is really important when you are trying to build a relationship of any kind with someone. Humor is one of the best ways to really get someone to like you, because we are drawn towards similar kinds of humor when we meet people, and so it is a primary part of the way we socialize.

Making a girl laugh is the best way to lighten up her mood and to get her to feel comfortable, and you can always use cheesy pick-up lines as jokes to let her know your intentions in a funny way.

Casual invitations

Make note of your mutual interests in terms of places to go or things to do, and try to casually let her know you would like to do these activities with her. It could be anything from going to a new restaurant or watching a movie, to starting out on a new hobby.

Send her links to places and things you want to try out and if there is interest, do not hesitate to invite her out to one of these things; the key is to be authentic and willing to share details about your interests so that things flow.

How to flirt over text with a guy: Examples

Learning how to flirt with a guy over text is all about getting personal, and here we explain how.

Let him know you enjoy talking to him

Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated, and guys are not an exception to this. If you are talking to a guy and it feels comfortable and you would like to do it more, let him know your thoughts. A simple “you are fun to talk to!” goes a long way.

Be honest about your feelings and show him what you truly think about your conversations. This might lead you to talk about deeper things, perhaps like sharing your thoughts on what communication does for relationships in general; but it could essentially be a nice, caring compliment you give him shamelessly.

Jokes are a must

Your sense of humor is your best asset, and there is no better time to use than if when you are trying to flirt. Guys love to crack up jokes and they also enjoy being the ones who get to have a good laugh, so take the chances and be funny if you want to.

Remember to relax and not think too much about whether your joke is going to land or if it might be dumb; everyone has the ability to make someone else laugh and humor is something easily shareable, so just do it when you feel like it.

Ask him about places to have dates

Guys have preferred dating places just like girls do, and some even might like to plan the whole date in advance. Ask the guy you are interested in about the places where he has had dates or those where he would like to go, perhaps you will find that you share interest in some of them.

These types of questions can be really fun and flirty, you could even hint about how you would like to go to some of those places, though be mindful not to pry too much into any details if you can tell he is being reserved about them.

Ask him about his romantic experiences

More than just wanting to know about how many people he has dated, this question is about what he feels or what his thoughts are during a date. Try to get him to talk about what he really feels and experiences, and of course, share your views and try to see if you bond over some of these things.

It is not supposed to be a loaded question like “what are your thoughts on love?” but something a little more light-hearted as to not invade his privacy; remember that it is all about how to flirt over text without coming on too strong.

Is she interested in you?

It may happen that your date loses the interest, thats why we made a blog post talking about it, in signs he is losing your interest we give you some advice. So, there you have it, some concrete tips on how to flirt over text. We hope these tips have been useful to you, and do let us know if you have any great tips of your own. Don’t forget, for further help in achieving your relationship goals you can always reach out to Macbeth, the dating introduction agency.


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