Matchmaking is not a new concept to many. Unlike you friend, family or colleague, professional matchmakers know what they are doing – they have perfected the art of matchmaking. It’s their passion; in fact, to most of them, matchmaking isn’t just a job it’s vocational.

So what happened to good old blind date, you ask? Maybe you have been hooked up on a blind once. You know very well how that went. Chances are, your matchmaker was a family member or a workmate.

Well, it is 2016; if you are looking to enhance your dating game, such techniques of the bygone era aren’t going to cut it. Snag yourself a world-class professional matchmaker for an unforgettable dating experience.

That said, it’s pre-eminent that you understand the various types of professional matchmakers out there so that you know what you are dealing with. Without much ado, here are the most common types.

Local or Regional

Local professional matchmakers offer their exquisite services to people within a given geographical area. Some matchmakers cater to the needs of clients exclusively in London, for instance. Those with large service areas still serve an exclusive niche area say only the UK or only Asian states.

It’s crucial that you adhere to their location terms. If you don’t hail from the region they service, don’t waste your time seeking their services lest you face some embarrassing moments. A region-specific professional matchmaker only accepts membership from people within the given region.

Special Preference

Though they don’t discriminate based on age, ethnic or origin, this kind of matchmakers specializes in members that have a particular inclination. They are exclusive and strict in their membership criteria. These special preference matchmakers cater to exclusively gay dating, military dating, mature dating, elite dating, single parent dating, transgender dating, lesbian dating, millionaire dating, and single parent dating amongst others.

To get the most out these specialty professional matchmakers, you must know their rules of engagement which they spell out clearly during introductions.


This one is self-explanatory. These niches offer professional matchmaking services to individuals that are inclined to particular religion. There are Muslim matchmakers, Christian matchmakers, Jewish matchmakers and so forth. Their central tenet is pretty straightforward: you must subscribe to the particular religion or belief.


Are you a Caucasian looking to date another Caucasian or Latino searching for a Latino partner? From the outset of its name, ethnic-based professional matchmakers cater to members with similar ethnicity. Location may or may not matter in their case. Ethnic background is perhaps the sole criterion for membership.

Prime examples are Indian, Hispanic, Czech, or Black matchmakers.

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