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Relationships can face an uncountable amount of problems, and sometimes people who are divorced dating are afraid to encounter the same negative traits over and over again. As a dating agency for professionals that understands how uncomfortable it is to be in these positions, we wanted to list the most common red flags in a relationship to help ease the process.
So, if you need help clarifying which actions might be harmful in a relationship, this list is definitely for you.

Which are the silent red flags you have to bear in mind in a relationship?

There are apparent red flags, which are those actions that certainly affect anyone’s well-being in a very violent way – this includes abuse of any kind, manipulation, disrespect to you and your privacy, and extreme jealousy. But what about things that are not as evident? How do you know if you are experiencing silent red flags that might lead to more serious problems?
This list compiles a series of issues that you should look out for before things worsen with time.

Nº1: You do not feel free to speak

In a healthy relationship you should be able to communicate without restrictions, so if you have noticed that you are not being listened to whenever you voice your opinions on something, beware.
Take it as a bad sign if, perhaps, you can think about more than a couple of times where you have felt as if your significant other disregarded and did not care about your thoughts.
Another example could be a recount of something that happened to you; if your partner seemed completely disinterested while you were talking about it, know that the red flag is set and waving.

Nº 2: Defensiveness when problems are brought up

Let’s say you are mad about something your significant other did and you want to bring that up, but as soon as you do your partner changes their demeanor and acts defensive towards you; that is a major red flag.
Every couple has issues that they need to solve, and if you cannot discuss them without fighting or without your partner turning the blame on you, then you should consider whether this person really cares about the relationship. Not making an effort to listen to your concerns is definitely not what you want in your life at any moment.

Nº 3: Disregarding your comfort

Whether it is about an activity that you do not want to partake in, going somewhere that makes you nervous or going out with people you do not want to see, you are entitled to your comfort.
If you do not want to do something because you are not comfortable and your partner still tries to get you to do what they want, you should get out of there as soon as possible.
They should understand your reasons and honor your limits, and if they do not, not only are they controlling your actions, but they are also disrespecting your boundaries and ignoring your emotions.

Nº 4: Lack of vulnerability

For a relationship to work, both parties should be willing to get vulnerable and share parts of their lives that not everyone has access to. That is not to say it should happen at a fast rate, or that everything needs to be told right away, but there needs to be the disposition to open-up whenever necessary.
Keep an eye out if your partner tries to deflect the topic whenever they have to share something. Know that it is not okay for you to be the only person who shares details about your life without getting any in exchange whatsoever.

Time to find the green flags you deserve

At Macbeth Matchmaking we know how hard it can be to find the perfect match, especially when you got out of a relationship with major red flags and you do not want to find yourself in the same position again. Luckily for you, our professional matchmakers are great at finding the greenest flags, and will thoroughly listen to your concerns and needs.
So if you are ready for more than a little advice, contact us!