Lunch date: outfit ideas to succeed

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It can be really hard to choose the perfect attire when you are going out on a date, especially if it is with someone new. At Macbeth Matchmaking, we know that a lunch date can be specifically difficult when it comes to deciding what to wear, so if you need help with this particular wardrobe problem, keep reading to find out more about our winner lunch date outfit ideas.

Ideas for a perfect lunch date

If you fear being over or underdressed when you think about your lunch date outfit, the first thing you need to do is to filter out what type of lunch date this is. In essence a lunch date can be very self-explanatory, but the truth is that there are many ideas that could function as a lunch date in itself.
As a marriage agency that prioritizes quality dates, we know that settings are important, and that they determine the overall style of your outfit. You will want to firstly know what the exact setting is, so that you can prepare and dress-up accordingly.

Trying out a new restaurant

The classic lunch date idea is to go to a new place together and try something that both have never had before –whether it is the type of food in itself or a certain dish. This setting is perfect for a first date, and it is right in-between formal and casual depending on the place you choose (plus discussing the place in general it’s a great ice-breaker).
For this type of date you will want to wear casual clothes that fit your figure or define the areas you are most confident about. Try to draw attention to your torso and face, since that is what your date will be looking at from their perspective, and wear simple accessories on your hands that complement the whole look.

Picnic date

A picnic is always a fun activity, and there is something very romantic about sharing a few preplanned meals surrounded by nature whilst conversing about anything and everything. Make sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that allow you to really get in the picnic mood, as well as shoes that allow you to walk without problems.
You do not want to be worrying over messing a nice fabric or getting grass stains, so do not pick clothes that are much more prone to that. You can minimize the accessories if you want a cleaner look, and do wear colors that reflect sunlight to avoid overheating yourself.
Picnics are diverse so you can play with the rules, just remember to have fun!

Cooking for the other

This is more of an intimate type of setup, and since it implies inviting them over to your place or cooking on theirs, it could require that you both go out a couple of times prior. Other than that, it is a great idea if you are a really good cook, or if you know a special dish or recipe that no-one can prepare the way you do.
In terms of your perfect lunch date outfit, opt for semi-casual clothes – you should look like you put effort into it, but not like you are going to a fancy restaurant. Wear what you would wear if you were to visit a friend for a coffee and then add some accessories to be date-ready.

Still torn about outfits and dates? Let us help

If you feel like all the planning is too much and you could use a hand, do not hesitate to let us at Macbeth Matchmaking do what we do best and help you out with the little details.
Our personalized system includes the services of professional matchmakers that will focus on finding a perfect fit based on the information you provide. And in case you need more than just wardrobe advice, we offer life-coaching services as well.
We are here to take your dating experience to the next level and help you connect with someone in a meaningful way. Ready? Contact us and start your love journey today!