Stages of relationships by months

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Every relationship is unique and develops at its own pace. Just as people change throughout life, relationships also go through different stages. When two people spend time together, their love and affection for one another change. At first, there is falling in love, then comes the romantic relationship itself, and if everything goes well, then coexistence can occur.

Although in Macbeth dating agency we cannot generalize, because as we have said each couple will advance at their own pace in a relationship, there are common stages when you meet someone you want to be with.

Most of us follow a pattern: we first go out and see if we have some affinity, then see if there is chemistry between us, etc. To learn more about the different stages of relationships by months, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What are the stages of a relationship month by month?

When two people choose to be together, their bond begins to evolve, and in each particular case everything happens differently, some couples progress faster than others; there will be those who, after three months of relationship, decide to live together, while others will wait to get to know each other better before taking such an important step.

The stages of a relationship have been extensively studied and numerous psychology books talk about it. Next, we will describe the stages of a relationship month by month so that you will have a better understanding and know-how to face your new relationship, and if you are looking for a partner, know what to expect.

First month – Infatuation

The first stage of a relationship is falling in love. Many people see it as the most beautiful phase of the relationship. This phase usually lasts between one and six months. It starts with the first dates, the first kisses, and if a mutual attraction exists, outings and encounters may become more frequent.

Infatuation is the stage when you see life in pink or la vie en rose. Passion and butterflies in the stomach will be signs that you begin to fall in love with your partner, you only see their virtues and aim to surprise her constantly. It is a time of the relationship where the two of you want to enjoy each other’s company. This is a phase of the relationship where you don’t argue because, as we said previously, you both see the best in each other.

Third month – Acquaintance

During the first few months of the relationship, when everything was intense, you enter the second stage: Acquaintance. It usually occurs after the third month and is the stage where you begin to really get to know your partner and let her get to know you.

These are times of great conversation, about important topics, and of engaging with one another. It may be that at this stage your partner introduces you to his family and friends, your world begins to enlarge.

Sixth month – Intimacy and Interaction

It is the stage of the relationship where you begin to spend more time together. It usually occurs after the sixth month. You already have the toothbrush at your partner’s house and if you don’t have it yet, it will be a good time to do it, if everything goes well. Some couples may be considering living together at this stage.

It may be that in this period some disputes or disagreements arise, if the communication is good, you will be able to resolve the conflicts and this will help to further strengthen the relationship.

Twelfth month – Self-affirmation and understanding

After a while of coexistence and wanting to share everything, individual needs arise, and the defense of them. It is time to consider doing activities separately, respecting the bond and commitment established in the couple. Conflicts may arise at this stage due to unresolved personal crises.

At this stage of the relationship, success depends on managing time properly so that each partner can develop his/her own activities and learn from each other. Support and understanding are crucial at this stage.

The next stage will be understanding. You will have seen that your partner has flaws as well as you have; however, you will have learned to respect each other. Eventually, you may have to make crucial decisions, like moving in together, if you haven’t already, or starting to plan your future together.

Once you understand the stages of relationships by month, you’ll realize that communication is the key to a healthy and long-term relationship. Some couples never talk to each other and cannot understand each other, which is why they end up separating.

The key to staying together despite the challenges is to remain partners and lovers, support each other, and recognize that both of you are valuable.

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