We know how hard it can be to stay true to yourself when you have just re-started your dating life.

What does feminine energy mean?

There are different conceptions of what a woman should be, especially when it comes to behavior. These are not nearly as important as all of the personal traits that allow you to be yourself, so when trying to define you feminine energy, focus on what feels natural to you and what you will get all the answer you were hoping for.

How stay true to your feminine energy

The key to balance your feminine energy is to keep in mind the things that you enjoy about who you truly are on the inside, so you can exteriorize those characteristics with confidence. Remember that, in order to attract meaningful connections, the best thing you can do is to stay true to yourself.


Now, how can you be yourself as you begin to create bonds with other people? Opening-up is probably the way to go.
Some people think that vulnerability comes easy to women, and though that might be true in some cases, women do also struggle with letting people see their truest selves. If you just read that and nodded your head in agreement, we are here to tell you: relax.
Being vulnerable is essential to any type of relationship, because after you let some of your guards down, you start to realize how you really feel about the connections you have, and in turn, you allow other people to feel in-tune with you.
Letting your feminine side take control of how you live and relate to others, is recognizing that vulnerability is not something to be ashamed or afraid of, but something to embrace, so be prepared to have deeper conversations.


Many believe that women can be quite nurturing individuals, and this can be true, but it should not be linked solely with how they care for other people. As a woman it is important that you seek your own growth and healthy development first, and to not devote your life to taking care of others.
You should definitely work on how to maintain bonds that are important to you and that bring positivity into your life, though you need to keep in mind that in order for that to work, you cannot be the only responsible. Nurturing relationships is as much of your partner’s duty as it is yours, so do not put extra pressure on yourself.
Try to look at your nurturing instincts as those who a well-rounded person should have, as they are nothing but an expression of endearment.


Being aware of your surroundings and the way certain things make you feel is really important. Do not restrain yourself from cutting off certain people or evading a particular type of situation just because “you do not wish to be that woman”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alert and not liking certain settings.
Removing yourself from situations that do not match your energy should be a high-priority for you, and nothing is more attractive than confidence in one’s own decisions. Trust you gut, and take the steps towards fulfilling what makes you thrive as a person, never towards what makes someone else happy.
To really be yourself and tune into your feminine energy, means to believe in your judgment, so whenever that little alarm starts ringing on your mind, consider listening to it instead of blocking it out; you might find it a lot more helpful than you thought.


There is nothing better for a relationship than giving yourself the space to express your emotions as they come, so do not be afraid to show how you feel on the inside to your significant other; claim your loving nature and have fun with it.
Feminine energy is often associated with being in touch with emotions, mainly because, socially, women have been taught that it is fundamental to their identity.
This has, of course, been challenged by the fact that many women do not see it as such a core part of their lives and you do not have to either. Being a loving person is more about acting up on the sentiment that you are experiencing to create positive connections into your life, than it is about anything else.
Ideally, in a place of full love, you are able to be yourself without any restraints, so do not disregard what you feel.

First dates for women? We got all the tips

We want you to be true to yourself because we know that there is nothing better than that to find your perfect match. At Macbeth Matchmaking, listen intently to who you want to attract.
So let us give you a hand in finding the perfect person that matches your energy.