Singles in Switzerland are increasing

According to a Eurostat statistic, there has been a 28.5 % increase of single-person households, without children, in the EU between 2009 and 2021, which should give you an overall view on singlehood in Europe. It should not be shocking to learn then, that singles in Switzerland conform the 17% of the permanent population of the country.
Relationship Expert and Co-Founder of Macbeth Matchmaking Switzerland, Carla De Blasi, claims that she is “not shocked by the Eurostat numbers.” She says, “in Geneva, Zurich and Basel, Macbeth Matchmaking has registered an increase of enrollments by over 25% in the past year”.
But why is that?

Why so many singles?

De Blasi affirms that “today’s singles want personal lives that match their highly successful professional lives. They are demanding and they know what they want; they have no time to waste in endless online chats. They prefer to wait for the right person.”

In short, the Swiss dating panorama is full of people who are searching for the right person that can provide them with a relationship that allows them to focus on their careers and professional developments. For today’s singles, it is less about quickly settling down and creating a family, and more about the quality bonds they want for their lives.
These views are completely understandable, as people who are building nourishing surrounding for themselves, know exactly what types of qualities they would like their future partner to have. Now, if you are wondering what some of these especial qualities are, let us take a deeper look into them.

What qualities are today’s singles looking for?

Dating is all about finding someone whose principles and morals go along with our own, and this does not change just because we are talking about Swiss dating. We all want to be able to share our thoughts openly and to feel wanted by our partners in all the ways needed.

Confidence, attentiveness and a good sense of humor are some of the basic characteristics anyone could be interested in. Swiss dating, just like dating anywhere in the world, will depend on the openness of each individual and on how much effort they put on making the relationship work. This does not mean there are not some more serious elements that people like to think as the bases of a good relationship.

Although we are all different and our needs vary, there are some implicit requirements we keep in mind in regards to our romantic life. Normally these characteristics are a reflection of our own, and looking for them in someone else needs to imply we are willing to practice them ourselves.

Though the ones we are about to mention might not be the only ones we consider important, they do a great job of condensing the majority of the others within them.


When we talk about honesty we refer to not lying about who you are as a person or about the things you believe in, but it is also in regards to how you go about life and your actions. Nobody wants to go out with someone they cannot trust or confide in.

If you notice someone being dishonest (and we do not mean white lies for that matter), chances are you are going to be put off by them. Being an honest person is honoring your beliefs and your words, and it is also about being loyal to those around you.

Willingness to communicate

Communication is a crucial part of a relationship, without it there are zero chances of things moving forward and of you making a bond that really works and lasts long. Your partners should be willing to let you know if something is happening and what their feelings are, and you should be able to do the same.
This does not only include communicating problems with the relationship itself, you should be able to talk openly about anything that might be going in your lives – good or bad. But communication is both talking and listening, so make sure to not neglect attentiveness.

Capability of being intimate

Intimacy does not only refer to sexual encounters. Someone who can be intimate or who is willing to be intimate, validates their partners’ feelings and needs, and is in tune with their own. They enjoy spending time with their significant other and they understand the importance of privacy and sharing special moments that are exclusive to the couple.

A person that can be intimate is someone that is emotionally available enough to give their partner the attention they deserve, without this representing a major effort or a hard to perform task. It is something that should come naturally to anyone.

Need Tips for first dates? We got you covered

We know all about the hassles of dating nowadays. Maybe you tried dating apps in Switzerland with the hopes of finding someone you can have a meaningful relationship with, but it did not work as you wanted.
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