Social distance dates: a guide for dating during the pandemic

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First of all, let’s set the record straight on “social distancing” and socially distant dates – as we’re still socialising, albeit physically apart due to the ongoing global health crisis, we really should be referring to it as “physical distancing”. It’s a much clearer idea, and naming it correctly also reminds us that distancing ourselves physically from each other temporarily for health reason shouldn’t, and doesn’t, mean we have to give up on social closeness, communication and interaction! The only difference is that now we’ll do it physically apart, or virtually.

Nor should physically distant dating during the pandemic be difficult – there are plenty of ways to continue enjoy dating during these extraordinary times, when we’ve all had to learn to adapt to a strange situation that’s suddenly been thrust upon us unexpectedly and that has profoundly transformed the way we all live our lives around the world.

The main rules of dating with physical distancing

When you’re dating with physical distancing, you’re most probably doing so virtually, on any number of modern apps, platforms and services. In our tech-obsessed times, we really are spoilt for choice – from “old-fashioned” phone calls, Zoom Rooms, Discord servers and WhatsApp video messaging, not to mention AR filters, stickers and audio messaging, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the technological wonders of physically distant dating!

The important thing to remember is that the same etiquette and common sense rules you would instinctively follow in regular dates also apply to physically distant ones – mutual respect, being a good listener, showing interest in the other person and what they’re sharing with you, not revealing too much personal information on a first date, etc.

Check out chemistry through a virtual date

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to figure out a given message’s tone, or even intention, due to the fact that digital text messages don’t have any truly individual mark to them, be it a person’s voice or handwriting. So, the exact tone behind a message can be ambiguous and therefore lead to misunderstandings. This can be a common occurrence when dating in a pandemic. The best thing to remember is to give the other person the benefit of the doubt when we’re unsure of intentions, to allow for possible miscommunication – that way, we help maintain a positive vibe throughout the conversation! And, as always, we should be asking questions and requesting clarification before rushing to respond, in case the specific meaning behind a message was different to what we had first imagined. Here you’ll find some tips to flirt over text during the “physical distancing”.

Have a conversation about exposure and risk

If you’re not on a virtual date but a real-life one, and you’re both physically distancing, you might be a little concerned about virus exposure and risk – which is perfectly normal and healthy! Don’t allow yourself to feel bad with regards to these feelings. We recommend talking about them to your date partner, who, as you might well realise, probably feels the same anyway!

It’s more important than ever to communicate our feelings and thoughts, now that we’re all in this new global situation, and having to deal with enormous social and health related challenges. And besides, it’ll give you an excuse to get to know one another and start building the beginnings of a relationship

Choose the best outdoors scenario

The scenario, setting or context for a social distant date is always an essential aspect and can really affect how the date itself plays out. When choosing where to meet, keep in mind the current and local physical distancing regulations where you live and make sure the date setting allows both of you to follow them. Don’t get into trouble! You can agree on a setting together, between the two of you, as a way to break the ice and get to know one another’s tastes and interests – you might even find that you both mention the same place – perhaps a sign that you’re made for one another!

Don’t forget your PPE material

Also, to be remembered in dates with physical distancing is PPE, or personal protective equipment. This specifically refers to face coverings – there are many styles, textures and colours available nowadays, so be creative and let your personality shine! In some limited cases and places, it may also include plastic gloves, so do check the local rules to make sure you’re both compliant. And, as always, washing hands with hot water and soap, and applying hand sanitiser regularly, should also be followed, so make sure you meet somewhere with those facilities. If you’re meeting at a catering establishment, make sure to check if you can wash your hands before and after the date. The location should already be equipped with hand sanitiser as a matter of course. But don’t be afraid to ask, if in doubt!

Get tested if necessary

Remember to get tested for coronavirus if you have the symptoms! And don’t forget, it is also possible to be infected without displaying symptoms, although many countries do require a display of symptoms before they accept individual requests for coronavirus testing, so do check in advance to makes sure you’re aware of up-to-date local regulations.

There are a number of COVID-19 tests available nowadays, which is great news! The standard test, and currently the most reliable, is a PCR test and it should already be widely available in your home country. However, other tests are available too, albeit with lower reliability rates.

So, are you ready to start dating with physical distancing?

So, do you think you have what it takes to date with physical distancing? Just follow our tips and you shouldn’t experience any untoward issues. As long as you follow the rules and maintain correct physical distancing throughout, you should be fine – so go out and enjoy your date, and best of luck! For more tips on dating visit Macbeth, the leading online dating agency.


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