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What are some special qualities of a man that mean he’s a keeper? You’re dating this guy, and the feeling seems mutual, you like him, and he likes you. What can go wrong if you appear to have a mutual interest in each other?
Am I in the right relationship? Is he a great man you hope to spend the rest of your life with? What are the signs that he is a keeper?

Sign 1: He makes you happy

Perhaps it sounds basic and corny, but being with someone that genuinely makes us happy is highly important. Identify whether you feel actually at your most joyful state when you are around him, and if he makes you laugh, and just plainly smile often; these are things that we sometimes gloss over for the sake of being with someone.
Consistent positive emotions are something you should definitely want to have more of in your life, so if he brings them to you, consider that a keeper factor.

Sign 2: You feel safe around him

Safety is really important at all times, and finding people who feel like safe places is very rare nowadays. You want to be with someone who brings into your life a level of comfort that feels indispensable, someone that you feel you can trust in a deep level and that will have your back if something happens; someone protective, yet not authoritative.
If he checks all of those boxes then you might want to keep him around for a very long time.

Sign 3: He sees the real you

Having someone appreciate and like the way we normally carry ourselves around the world is really important, but it is even greater to have someone who admires our “guards down” persona. He is a keeper if he finds beauty in you as a person, in your thoughts and emotions and what they bring into the world; if he listens to what you have to say and tries to understand you even when you disagree on something.
Do not settle for less!

Sign 4: He respects your boundaries

It is extremely important to be with someone that understands our limits and boundaries, as not only are these essential for our wellbeing, but being able to maintain them in a relationship helps maintain individuality and reinforces tolerance. If he does not question, challenge or tries to change your boundaries, there is no doubt that he is worth keeping around.

Sign 5: He has dreams and ambitions

No one has all their life figured out, and sometimes it can be hard to maintain plans as we envision them because that is just how it works. But that does not mean we can just sit all day contemplating nothing, especially with a nonchalant attitude. You want someone who is willing to improve their present and build a future with you.

Sign 6: He unconditionally supports you

Whether it is about achieving a goal, starting a new journey, putting a pause to something in your life – you name it. He should be there by your side supporting your every decision.
As long as you are making things that make you happy and make you feel better, this man should show you nothing other than empathy and encouragement; jealousy and controlling attitudes whenever it comes to self-development should be out of the picture completely.

Macbeth Matchmaking helps you find it

All the qualities you are looking for in a man are not impossible to find, but perhaps you would like a little help from our professionals to make this process way easier.

At Macbeth Matchmaking we listen to your personal preferences and we pick the perfect match for you, ensuring a highly enjoyable result that is only possible with our one-on-one method. If you are ready to start your love journey, fill out our form let the rest in our hands!