Special Qualities of a Man that Mean He’s a Keeper!

What are some special qualities of a man…

What are some special qualities of a man that mean he’s a keeper? You’re dating this guy, and the feeling seems mutual, you like him, and he likes you. What can go wrong if you appear to have a mutual interest in each other?

Am I in the right relationship? Is he a great man you hope to spend the rest of your life with? What are the signs that he is a keeper?

Men are different from each other, as well as women. Some men dream to be loving partners while others are not mounted to become one, others may steer clear from relationships, and others want to take the road to romance.

So how can you determine whether he is showing signs he is a keeper? Is he that great guy you should never let it go? Below are special qualities of a man which proves that he’s a keeper.

1. He is confident

He believes in himself and believes in his decisions. He believes in your capacity and admires it just as he believes in his abilities. He knows what he wants and certainly knows how to get it.

2. He makes you smile

He puts on an attempt to see a smile pasted on your lips and how he loves that face. If you smile, it lit his face too.

3. He cares for you

Every woman wants to feel secured and safe. He is protective but not authoritative. That means he cares about you so much that he always wants you safe and healthy.

4. He sees the real you

No, I’m not talking about seeing you physically or admiring you on the outside, yes, these things matters, but what he sees the real you. He looks at you and immediately see how beautiful you are as a person, he admires who you and praise your personality. He looks at you with his heart, and he could clearly see what a beautiful woman you are.

5. He is a gentleman

He is timeless in his ways. He is respectful and polite. He attends to your needs, such as his own. Certainly, the world is a better place having such person.

6. He has dreams

He is a man with a set goals and plans to achieve them. He has dreams for himself and the future with you in it. He may be ambitious, but he has convictions in the realization of his dreams in the right way.

7. He is mature

Being matured means he can take care of himself, and he takes special care of you. He thinks and behaves like a grown man should. He’s lifestyle also exhibits maturity, from how he carries himself to making choices.

8. He is supportive; he’s your rock!

If your man supports you in your decisions and your plans, then you’re a lucky girl.

9. He makes you feel beautiful

He admires your beauty inside and out. He tells you’re beautiful and doesn’t shy away from it. He is indeed proud of you.

10. He keeps his word

He fulfills his promises. He is a man of uprightness and honesty.

11. He’s selfless

If a man loves you, he focuses on your needs before his own. He shows how much he values you by making you a part of his plans and decisions.

12. He wants to keep you

Well, ladies, it means that he intends to be with you!

If your man has these unique qualities, they are true signs that he is a goalkeeper, then you better hold it and never let it go!

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