Spring clean your mind for love

Spring clean your mind for love

With freshness in the air and teasing hints of sun beneath the winter clouds, we can all see and feel the beginnings of spring on its way. Spring, being the season that most signals time for change, is the ideal opportunity for growth and a definite time to follow nature’s lead.

If you’re the type of person who finds it easy to become lost or side-tracked by huge to-do lists, or who has trouble following through, Macbeth Matchmaking is here to set on you the right path.  We’re all familiar with the tradition of spring cleaning our homes in an attempt to declutter the yearly build up, but using this time to take a look at ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically is also a hugely worthwhile task.

Get rid of thoughts that hold you back

If a successful match with the partner of your dreams is high on your radar right now, then we’re about to give you the one piece of advice you most need to hear and create action around.  A major false belief amongst single people is that all the best activities life has to offer require a partner in order to be enjoyed.  Yes, we agree that dating in Paris with the man of your dreams perhaps trumps a lonely event for singles in Zurich, but that doesn’t mean fun isn’t possible.

Beliefs like the above can mean that you miss out unnecessarily and, if given enough airtime, will essentially see you putting your life on hold.  We don’t want you to do that!  This spring, as the daylight hours steadily begin to stretch themselves out for longer and the social scene starts to pick up, we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and dare to think a little differently.  What do you have to lose?

Get rid of any emotional baggage

Whether you’re recently out of a relationship or you’re having a hard time letting go of baggage you’ve been backpacking from relationship to relationship, we want you to set about using this spring as a time to heal.  Healing from the past and embracing new, exciting and positive times to come should be a behaviour you actively take part in.  Stop waiting for emotions and hearts to fix themselves, get out there this season and set out a plan for deep, lasting, internal change.

When it comes to your love life, the last thing you need when you are trying to move forward is a multitude of distant, unhelpful memories flooding back. If you’re hoping to meet some new people this year, broaden your cultural horizons and do something new, then this is the perfect time.  If you do the work this spring, by summer you can begin reaping some of its rewards.

Loosen your identity as a single person

Whilst it’s great that you’re confident and secure in your status as a single person, we’re assuming by the fact you’re here, that your goal is to eventually meet a partner.  Are we right?

If so, it’s worthwhile noting that you can still enjoy single life and keep yourself open and available to meeting someone during your journey.  One of the unfortunate side effects of articles that teach you to embrace your dating life, or how to be ‘perfectly you’ before meeting your perfect match, is that people can become so caught up in trying to enjoy single life that they stop seeing smoke signals from potential matches.

Stay positive, stay focused on having a good time no matter what, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for admirers, an ear out for kind words and your heart open for love.

All men are… all women are…

Again, any preconceived notions or negative generalisations of how the opposite sex behave should be shelved this spring.  Remember, your intended partner belongs to this category of individuals and you don’t want them fighting an uphill battle before the two of you have even had a chance to meet.

This spring, take people on the merits they present, give them as enough space to prove themselves as you would like to receive yourself.  If you believe that all men fear commitment or all women are only interested in wealthy men, then you are not setting yourself up for positive experiences.  Spend some time working on why you’re holding on to beliefs like this and what you can do to replace them with more accurate ones.

Rejoice, the winter blues are lifting

For some of us winter can feel like life comes to an abrupt halt, as our social lives and even reasons for leaving the house seem to fizzle out.  Keeping fit is one of the first activities to fly head-first out the window, but now it’s time to dust off the running shoes and dive straight back in.

We’ve spoken extensively about making mental and emotional changes and whilst these are the most important, physical upkeep should also feature on your schedule to maximise how good you feel about your future.

In order to not make the mistake that everyone makes – namely getting to summer and panicking because last years clothes don’t fit – build up your regime now.  It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, perhaps walking more, missing out on that cake or replacing it with a healthy alternative once in a while.  Waiting until it’s blazing hot, before you realise a few springtime lunges and squats would have been a good idea, is not something you’ll thank yourself for.


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