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How to spot a summer romance vs. a long-term relationship

Summer relationships are beautiful, unique experiences that can remain in our memory for decades. Regardless where they occur, the briefness of a summer romance results in a particular type of dynamic. But some of them aren’t even that brief! And they can turn into serious long-term relationships.
Can’t tell if yours is brief or not? Luckily you stumbled upon this post.

The land of no tomorrow

Summer romances are utterly ruled by the present moment, they are happening in the now and as such they rarely figure out of that realm. Most of the times this happens because the likelihood of meeting again with this person is just too low, so the future is just not something to think about right ahead.
In summer romances that are destined to be short-lived, there’s very little focus on the future, but if you are experiencing something deeper, chances are the conversations around future ideas might pop-up every now and then.
If you don’t feel like it deserves to outlive the end of the summer, then your brief summer love story is probably going to be just that.

Simple attraction vs. Real connection

It all starts with attraction right? Your summer love is probably someone you just met and you were immediately enthralled by them. That is a really important aspect, but it is not a defining one in terms of the longevity of the relationship.
What you need to think about is if you feel a real connection to this person. Do you want to know more about them and their life? Do you wish to see other facets of them? These are the questions that you need to ponder, because attraction, though important, isn’t really what holds up a bond.
Unpack your feelings and thoughts about this person, and if you don’t really feel the need to know more, then enjoy it while it lasts.

Sharing is caring

There is general information that you give to someone once you start dating, basic things like family related things, work situation, mentioning friends and hobbies and all these normal things that are just conversations you have under regular circumstances.
Although a summer romance is not totally exempt of that, it normally does not reach the deepness that it does when meeting someone elsewhere. There could be a genuine lack of interest in extending on those topics, or there could be a dismissal of the topics altogether; however it is, it is a sign that the romance is happening in the summer and will stay there.

Unaddressed differences

Part of being in a long-term and committed relationship is cultivating the ability to identify and be proactive about problems or challenges that need to be addressed. When this doesn’t happen, they can grow and become significant problems.
If you are glossing over things that you know could harm the relationship overtime, then maybe it is because the “overtime” part is not really a part of the plan. Your work towards being a couple that understands each other should not feel like a waste of time or a dismissible topic.
Finding a common ground or at least trying to do so is a tell-tale sign of how long your relationship may last. Longevity takes effort and dedication, so without them a “long-lasting” relationship is impossible.

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