Gift yourself a matchmaker this New Year

So ladies and gentlemen, we’re almost at the end of the year and that can only mean one thing. Yes, you guessed it, the mad scramble for presents, New Years resolutions and expensive gym memberships that will barely be used.

We know you have good intentions and want to start off the year as you mean to go on, but there is one other easy change that often gets overlooked by single people. We’re here to let you know that if you’re seeking a relationship, then signing up to an online dating agency or simply swapping to a new one, aren’t your only proactive dating options.

Online dating

There is a misconception that online dating is an easy, cheap and convenient choice for anyone wanting twenty first century love. We all have smart phones, tablets, laptops and limited time, so of course multi-tasking and looking for love on the commute to work, or whilst waiting for coffee at Starbucks is a good idea, isn’t it? Well, no, not really. We’ll tell you why, but it does mean you’ll have to think outside the box and consider that multitasking isn’t the best approach, when hoping to find and connect with your forever partner. Here are a few facts to think about.

How long has it been?

Whilst online dating is undoubtedly a good choice for many people, there are still those for whom it simply isn’t working, after literally years of hoping that one day it will. Maybe you’re one of these people, if you’re not then you definitely know someone who is.

Constantly arranging to meet with people, based on an unverified profile they’ve written and a few texts or emails, can be a risky business. The efforts and time it takes to invest in people this way can quickly add up, even if the process feels fluid and fast in the moment. Messages that go nowhere, multiple dates that crash and burn or slowly fizzle out, all consume attention, money, outfits and emotional energy. Little by little this sort of output with minimal return can erode your confidence in love, and at worst have you begin expecting the worst. How convenient is this, how effective is it really, in the grand scheme of it all?

There’s another way

If you think joining a dating agency and hiring a matchmaker is simply paying for someone else to do what you could easily be doing yourself online, then you would be seriously mistaken. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are some huge differences between engaging a high-end matchmaker and choosing to date online instead. The reason why dating agencies are often the preferred choice within the upper echelons of society are many and compelling.

Before you rule it out completely, without even researching it like you do everything else online, take a closer look. People have been using matchmakers for centuries, across all cultures and parts of the world. The human connection is hard to beat and there are no algorithms that can replicate human intuition or expertise. There are also some serious pros these days, when you’re with the right dating agency. Here are just a few.

Security, it’s tight

It almost goes without saying, but a top matchmaking agency will always and consistently have your privacy and confidentiality as its number one priority. It may not be a detail that bothers you, but for some, maybe even the person you end up meeting, it’s an indispensible factor.

Tight security means your profile is safe from prying eyes, that anyone who sees it will have been vetted and is a fully paid up and interviewed member of the agency in much the same way you are. Any media or members of the general public who may be interested in your dating life, or that of your potential match, are kept firmly at bay. People who go to lengths such as these to protect their identity are often seeking a serious relationship and come with genuine intentions.

Introductions are classy

With a dating agency there is no swiping left or swiping right. There is no waiting days before finding out if someone is going to ‘poke’ you back. Love, when handled by a matchmaker, is mature, forthcoming and considerate. The way you maybe imagined it might be, one day.

With the right agency you will only be introduced to people who you are a match to. An experienced, expert matchmaker will be extremely adept at both assessing what individuals say during an interview and intuitively reading between the lines of what may have been left unsaid. It’s in their best interest to ensure you are meeting people with genuinely similar goals to your own, with backgrounds and interests that complement your desires and own life experiences. These types of introductions go far beyond looks and common likes and dislikes.

With a human being that is trained and in your corner, you’ll quickly begin to see the difference in being presented with handpicked matches. You will want to take your time to consider potential dates seriously and you’ll probably think twice about doing it on your work commute, or as you sit in the hairdressers.

The quality of prospective partners

We’re not saying you wont find quality partners using online dating, but there is a higher chance if their being handpicked for you. The people who join matchmaking agencies are invariably pretty clear about what they are looking for. An exclusive agency will work only with professional people and will strive to clarify any gaps or uncertainties that present themselves during the application process.

Individuals who perhaps do need more work on defining exactly what they want from a relationship will have access to dating coaches and other professionals, whose job it is to help them gain clarity. This will usually happen before you get to meet the person, meaning that ultimately you’re connecting with someone who has at least identified and owned any doubts or blindspots they have about relationships. This type of dating is the stuff of dreams.

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