Valentine’s Day clichés to experience at least once

It can become trendy as we get older to declare everything about Valentine’s Day unsophisticated and trite.  We complain about how difficult it is to book a table in our favourite restaurants, being hoodwinked into buying expensive gifts and feeling slightly cheated that our partners aren’t this attentive all year round.  Taking all of this into consideration and as genuinely cheesy as it is, we’re asking you to put on a positive hat and wholly embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year.  Yes, all of it.

There is enough doom and gloom in the world without us moaning about things that in the grand scheme of life don’t matter a massive amount.  So, get ready because this year you’re going to relax, go with the flow and find out that perhaps clichés aren’t as bad as they seem.

The roses + chocolates

It’s likely that you’ve got a favourite type of flower and chances are, for the majority of you, it’s not going to be red roses. This year however, we want you to agree with your partner that you’re going down the traditional route, no exceptions.  This means a dozen red roses and definitely a large box of chocolates.  Yes, as unexciting as it may appear in theory, the truth is that once it’s all in front on you, the romance is quite undeniable.

A couple of tips – make sure the roses are good quality, with a real scent and that the chocolates are the finest. This is not the day for diets or limitation, it’s about a level of indulgence that expresses just how enamoured you are with one another.

The restaurant

Going to a restaurant on this night may not be at the top of your romance agenda.  The key to rising above this mental block is remembering why you’re going to dinner in the first place.  It’s about sharing time together, perhaps in the place you had your first date, or at a period in your lives when you don’t often get to spend time alone.  It’s not about perfect food, it’s about the perfection of the two of you.

To take the edge off any mood or frustrations you may be feeling before you arrive at the restaurant, get yourselves prepared.  You can do this by accepting you may have to wait slightly longer than usual to be served, that the food may not be spectacular and that your search for a taxi home could be a little bit harder.  Do what you can to mitigate this, but seriously, we urge you to go with the flow.

We also implore you to do it on the 14th. That means not trying to plan a more convenient day, such as the weekend before or the night after when the rush dies down.  Take the day for what it’s going to be.

Anonymous cards

Think back to when you were younger and had to guess who sent your Valentine’s Day cards, or even who to send your own to.  We want this to be the year for you to take a stroll down memory lane and see if you’re still adventurous enough to get your anonymous pen out.  We’re aware that this suggestion may be a tad risqué now you’re no longer a child, so of course, we advise you to proceed with delicacy.

If you’re in a relationship already, we suggest that perhaps you limit your endeavours to single friends or parents who would find it amusing.  Married friends should be chosen thoughtfully, causing arguments over jealousy is not what you want to be doing.  Sending joint cards to other couples however, can be fun and amusing.

A night away

If you’ve never been taken away and wined and dined on this date, then it’s definitely something to add to your list of classic Valentine’s Day experiences.  As with all of these clichés we’re embracing, it’s not something to do by halves.  If you’re planning a romantic night together, then rose petals on the bed are a must, as is champagne cooled in an ice bucket, chocolates on the pillow and slow, seductive background music.

Romance such as this, even if you’ve watched the scene a hundred times in movies and read about it in books, can still be fun to experience for yourself.  Plan it together so you’re both on the same page, but add in a few surprises to keep each other on your toes – or not.

Poetry and love letters

The habit of sharing poetry with our lovers has definitely been lost over the centuries but there’s no reason why writing something beautiful can’t still be something you try to do.  Just picking out a card and signing your name inside it is, quite frankly, a rather lazy way to express the way you truly feel about someone.  Make the effort and write a card no one else could have handed your lover.

Out of all the activities mentioned here, if there’s one cliché to hold onto and integrate into your relationship toolbox, it’s definitely this one.  Always take the time, whenever you have a card to give or special occasion to celebrate, to write something meaningful, lasting and which demonstrates why it is you’re with the partner you’re with.

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