Once you have located the best personal matchmaker for yourself and registered yourself with the same, you move on to the next and the most important step in the process of finding a life partner. The next step is to actually start searching for a compatible partner. There are going to be thousands of profiles that are present with every international dating company, and not all of them are going to be perfect for you. You need to hunt and locate those profiles which match your requirements but with the right matchmaking company. Unfortunately, your search for a life partner does not end with this short listing of profiles as well given by a matchmaking company. There is still a long way to go before you are able to find that one profile which you think belongs to your dream partner. At Macbeth Matchmaking, our success rate at 12 months is over 75%.

Once you have managed to short list the profiles of those individuals who at least on paper appear to match your requirements and personality, you need to take the follows steps next:

Read The Profiles Carefully

Just like you were expected to provide complete and correct details about yourself in your profile at the time of joining the personal matchmaker, similarly, it can be assumed that the profiles shortlisted by you contain authentic and complete details of those members of the international dating agency. Thus, by carefully reading the profile and going through each piece of information provided in the same, you would be able to get to know those people much better. In the first instance, you must have shortlisted them on certain basic criteria, but now it’s time to read the profile in detail and carefully try to understand the person and whether you would be comfortable with them or not.

First Move Can Come From Your Side

Once you have gone through the profiles in detail, the next step is to contact the other person and find out if they are also interested in taking things forward. There are many people, especially women, who hesitate in making this first move, since they feel that they might come across as desperate. However, this is a very old way of thinking. When you are a part of an international dating agency, if you do not make the first move, you may end up missing out on an important opportunity for meeting your soul mate. He or she may get contacted by someone else, and since they never had the opportunity of meeting you, they might actually end up marrying some other person, and you would be left alone. Hence, if you like someone, immediately contact them and let them know that you are interested in them.

Make A Good First Impression

You profile creates the first impression about you in the minds of the other members of the personal matchmaker service. But in addition to this, the way you make the first communication with the other member also helps in creating a good or a bad impression about you. Therefore, be very careful in drafting the very first message that you would be sending to the other member, showing your interest in them and requesting them to meet you or contact you.

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