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Do you know how to take the first step?

Making the first move is always troubling for anybody, but it is significantly more nerve-wrecking for women. The fear of being seen as too forward takes over, and when it doesn’t, running low on successful ideas to do it is the main problem –luckily the list below has all the solutions!

Relax and think logically

You are not being crazy or doing something that no-one else has done before, it is okay if you want to ask him out. You probably know what you want out of a relationship, so why would you want to wait for someone else to bring that into your life when you can see the potential right in front of you?

Besides, think about how this is just a first step, you are not asking him to marry you for eternity. Being assertive in terms of who you would like to get to know better, not only shows confidence, but it will make you feel on top of things; take it easy and just go with the flow.

Start the conversation

Depending on the setting, starting out a conversation with someone you fancy can be tricky, but generally speaking it is all about the approach. Beyond the small-talk, like asking him how he has been overall or how his day is going, try to make the conversation interesting by asking him his opinion about something in particular.

Don’t choose a topic too serious, rather something lighthearted that you can laugh off if necessary. Movies, food or some curious fact that you consider amusing are a few good ideas that can ease you into a nicely flowing conversation.

Identify a common interest

After a while of talking maybe you are on a topic that both of you seem rather passionate about, so make sure to really try to gather his opinions and thoughts by paying close attention to his input. Ask him more about this and show him that you enjoy the fact that you two share this interest.

Do make sure to also show interest in topics that he likes regardless of if you know what it is all about or not; being listened to is probably one of the best feelings ever, so really try to be present in the conversation.

Suggest going out

Now, this could be either after a few days of talking, or during the same exchange depending on how you view the situation, but it will probably cross your mind at any given point to suggest a casual date, and when that happens, just do it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity just because you are too scared to try it.

Perhaps you thought about a place that they might like, or an event that is happening soon, maybe he even mentioned a new movie he is dying to watch; whatever the idea might be, if you think the plan would be well-received, you should jump right into it.

Be prepared for rejection

This may sound bad, but actually it truly is nothing to be fearful of; rejection is a natural part of life, and being rejected is not a reflection of who we are or our worth. It is merely an indicator of a connection that is not supposed to work at that given moment.
It is infinitely better to have a clear negative answer, than to wonder forever if someone is into us or not. And though many people view it as losing their time, it actually is an experience that adds to our character and allows us to be ok with plans not always working the way we want them to.

Macbeth Matchmaking encourage you to take the first step

He’s online but not replying? Be brave. A confident woman knows her worth and self-assured. Confidence is the new sexy, so I’ve heard! I bet that most men want their women strong and daring. Believe me, when I say, making the first move is empowering!

Our team at Macbeth Matchmaking knows that successful women like you are focused on surrounding themselves with high quality people, which is why they take their roles very seriously when looking for someone that fulfills all of your needs. Love the sound of that? Fill out our form and see for yourself!