Ladies, here are 3 reasons why you should take the first step

Yes, ladies, I’m talking about making the first move…

Yes, ladies, I’m talking about making the first move.

While it may feel counter-intuitive, it works! As a successful woman you know what you want in the business world, your goals, put together a plan and take action, and guess what? It gives you incredible results not?

So imagine if you have the same principles successfully applied in your personal life, things would change, RIGHT?

Assume that you have the same success in your love life if you could have success in your career? Well, you can!

Stop associating yourself with the common, allegedly women logic that says, “When a woman loves a man, she does nothing and expect the man to know magically.”

Sounds familiar right? Because we are all guilty of this, the society has etched in us the idea that women should never make the first step, they should just wait and wait and wait.

Times have changed, he is not psychic, smart girls are taking action!

I tell you now ladies; you can make the first step from today!

Here are the reasons why:

Confidence Spells Attractive

He’s online but not replying? Be brave. A confident woman knows her worth and self-assured. Confidence Is the new sexy, so I’ve heard! I bet that most men want their women strong and daring. Believe me, when I say, making the first move is empowering!

Avoid Waiting in Vain

So you find him? Go ahead and take the first step, introduce yourself, exchange numbers and spark an interesting conversation.

There and then you will realize if he fancies you by noticing your body language or how he responds to you. If he is not interested then move on at least you’re not stuck with what ifs and might have been.

Ladies, you should consider that men sometimes get shy too.

Never Miss a wonderful opportunity

Just do it! It can be risky, it might be scary, but then again, you never know until you try. You can always choose to sit and wait, but why choose something unproductive and possibly missing a chance with a partner you always wanted to?

There will always be a voice in your head that will haunt you why you did not try making the move. And hey, it’s not like you bare your soul to the world to see, a simple and sweet “hello” would be enough, imagine that two-letter word is creating a magnitude of an impact in your life if something would happen.

We are all afraid of rejection, both men, and women. But, according to a keynote speaker, Dr Steve Maraboli, on Behavioral Science that every time you think you are being rejected from something good, you are being redirected to something better!

I do not know about you, but I want to be redirected to something better??

So ladies, with that thought in mind, today would you make the first move?