How do you know when a guy sends mixed signals?

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How do you know when a guy sends mixed signals?

In our experience as matchmakers for professionals, we have encountered plenty of people who are worried about receiving mixed signals. You might have found yourself facing this problem too: second guessing certain actions – or reactions – from a guy you are dating, not being able to tell whether he is interested in you or not.
Recognizing if you are, in fact, receiving mixed signals from a guy can seem really difficult, especially since men are commonly more used to keeping to themselves and not expressing their feelings as openly. Add to all of this the pressures that come from dating at 40, and figuring out what is going through a guy’s mind will seem almost impossible.
Luckily, there are various cues that we can resort to if we are feeling confused. It all starts with understanding that mixed signals are contradictory communication behaviors, and that they can be verbal or non-verbal.

Verbal communication contradictions

Intent is really important; if someone really wants to go out with you, they will make that as clear as possible. Lack of consistency in terms of intent is quite noticeable in the way a guy talks to you, so for example, he might ask you out and then later on tell you that his schedule is filled and flaunt how busy he is.
Another example of this type of behavior on a guy could be him telling you he really wants to know more about you, and then centering conversations on himself, never really caring to ask you more about your life.

Non-verbal communication contradictions

The way he acts when he is both around you and away is also important. You might notice how there are some days when he is particularly drawn to you when you are together, but some other days he could act coldly and not make any effort to connect with you. It might even go as far as him rejecting any type of physical display of affection.
You’ll find some of the most evident signs of disdain in the way someone distances themselves from you, and even though this alludes to body language, it is heavily linked to emotional availability.

How can we deal with these mixed signals?

Perhaps by now, you have identified the issues we described in a guy you are currently dating, meaning that you are, indeed, getting mixed signals. This is when you could be wondering, “what should I do next?”
First of all, don’t panic. There are countless reasons why a guy could be acting like this, and even though none of them really excuse confusing someone else, there are definitely healthy ways to fix this problem and clarify the overall situation.
The key is recognizing how interpersonal relationships thrive when we focus on nurturing communication and making real changes to our behavior.

Talk it out

If you are going out with a guy that you really like, but he is sending you mixed signals, the best choice will always be to talk about the issue.
Taking things onto the next level is impossible if you are not on the same page, so to avoid further confusions, and before you invest more time and energy in unclear scenarios, try to assess the problem by talking.

Stand your ground or leave

Once you’ve talked about what’s happening, you should be able to demand real change.
If this man really wants to be with you, he will carefully listen to what you have to say and change his behavior towards you accordingly. But if he doesn’t want to find a common ground and work things out with you, then it is best to walk away from that situation.

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