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There are a myriad of festivals to choose from once the sun comes out, everything from literary and music, to comedy and arts. Knowing what your date is particularly interested in helps, but whatever you choose doesn’t have to be something you’re both wildly passionate about. The fun is to be found in having new experiences together, sharing your opinions and how you feel about events as they occur. When you’re on a date like this it’s a great opportunity to learn about each other in a natural way. Not everyone does so well at formal dinners, wearing a pair of heels or suit.

The races

Taking a date to the races is a fabulous way to share a little excitement and fun, and possibly make yourselves a little richer in the process. The races, although it may sound a little extravagant, doesn’t have to cost any more than a dinner might and it’s an opportunity to get dressed up and mingle with others. There’s a natural buzz around events like this and nothing beats a glass of champagne, with a little playful competition with one another. Of course, races happen in multiple sports. Choose from horse, formula, boat and even greyhound. There’s a type to suit all preferences.

Boat trips

Depending on your tastes and where you live, if you look hard enough you may find that a day or evening on the water is available and makes for a romantic date with a twist. Dinner aboard boats has long been thought of as purely the domain of the rich, or an activity only possible during holidays on tropical and luxurious islands. Well, that’s incorrect. Some city boats offer dinner aboard whilst the boat is docked, others will cruise down a river for a couple of hours.

If both of you are more into the party scene, then party cruises are also an option worth researching. Note: remember that these usually last an entire day. For this reason, we suggest that you both either bring a couple of friends, or make sure you really get on with each other first.

Tourist for a day

If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while since you’ve visited the top attractions in your city. When you live relatively close to the tourist spots that people travel continents to see, becoming complacent is surprisingly natural. Being tourist for the day, cameras and crazy sun hats included, can be a fulfilling way to spend time together and be reminded of the history of your city.

Whether you’re riding an open top sightseeing bus and visiting outdoor attractions, or indoor classics such as palaces and cathedrals, it’s pressure-free and can be paused for a coffee shop at any moment.

Take note however, if you do decide to do this for a day then you need to embrace it wholeheartedly. This means not getting irritated at the slow moving lines or real tourists not looking where they’re going.

Cultural adventure

Yes, it’s summer, but museums and galleries can be incorporated into a leisurely stroll from one end of a city to another. They offer up their own conversation starters and it’s beautiful to witness how a piece of art or history affects another person. You can learn about their thought processes, where their curiosity travels and where it meets with yours – if it does. You don’t always have to agree or be moved by the same things, but that’s the beauty of it. Learning to listen to how someone expresses ideas and feelings that are similar, or vastly different from your own, makes for the basis of a great relationship.

Day trips

We are all so connected now in many different ways. The majority of us are merely a train ride away from a completely different town or city that we’ve never been to or fully explored. When thinking of dates this summer, it’s okay to step a little bit out of your comfort zone and choose to lunch or coffee-shop-hop somewhere that’s new.

As long as you let people know where you’re going and with whom, there’s no reason to stick with the same old haunts you know and love. You may find something worth going back for and as we’ve mentioned already, new discoveries together can be really great bonding experiences.

The Zoo

Usually thought of as the reserve of parents and children needing an activity to fill their weekends, the zoo is overlooked by couples. Not everyone is comfortable going to a zoo, for a multitude of reasons, so if this does appeal to you make sure to check it’s okay with your date as well.

We’re all fascinated by animals, perhaps we see them on holidays and the odd wildlife show, but being up close and personal is a real treat. There’s also the choice to visit rescue centres or sanctuaries and help out with feeding the animals. It depends entirely on your preferences, so do your research and find something that suits you both.

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