Covid-19 and Relationships

Whoever doesn’t have that word in their mouth or doesn’t mention it during a conversation!!!

We often complain that we don’t have the time to live the relationship we want with our loved one, but what time do we give to this beautiful relationship?

We are living in a difficult time marked by fears, alarms and anxieties that test even the strongest relationships. Taking the time to communicate, to share, to reorganize a new routine for 2 away from the stress of everyday life…If this time is well lived, it can represent the opportunity for a true rebirth of the couple.

But what do those who do not have their soulmate by their side do? How do they cope during this period? It’s a bad time to get to know each other, isn’t it? Not so sure… You can always flirt over text.

It’s time for a balance view !

In this period of “forced calm” where restrictions fall one after the other and where freedoms seem to disappear, one becomes connected to oneself and this closeness, with our thoughts and behaviours, contains precious teachings: who are we? Once you pass the filter of thoughts, you may come to beliefs and realize what is important to you, what is meaningful and valuable. In this way, in connection with yourself, you will be better able to know what you expect from a partner. And therefore, to be more in osmosis in the future!!! You realize what is important in your life…

Fortunately, the Macbeth team can reassure you all by giving you a positive message in this moment of absence of human contact.

So, enjoy this time also your personal search for love.

If she or he is online but not replying, our experienced matchmakers will work with you remotely, searching and selecting a new ideal partner from our extensive database, anywhere in the world.

This time can be used in a positive way to make beautiful long-distance acquaintances, converse, go out dating with social distancing with other singles from our international network.

Away from the turbulent everyday life, look for emotional affinities.

Life is beautiful and it is always worth living it in a positive way, it can surprise us even in times of crisis like Covid-19.

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