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In today’s world where everyone can use social media to share their personal version of a healthy relationship, it is normal for one to be unsure of what an actual healthy connection with someone looks.
As both, a European dating site and an elite dating agency we are not oblivious to these contrasting ideas, so we wanted to minimize the confusion by making a list of the actual and most important signs of a healthy relationship.

Some signs you are in a healthy relationship

The primary thing to keep in mind is that comparing your relationship to others’ relationships will only lead you to frustration. You are not in a competition, and neither are they, and you should be focused on the way you feel about your partner rather on what others may think about you as a couple.
This sense of security in what you and your partner have built is necessary for the rest of aspects to flourish. So if you don’t feel completely sure about dating this person, maybe it is time to sit down and evaluate what that is happening.

Sign 1: You feel at ease with them

There is hardly a better feeling than finding someone that brings one peace. This is far from being the same as dating someone who you find boring, which is absolutely something that you should avoid. When we refer to peace and ease, we are talking about being with someone who makes you feel at home, someone who makes it easy for you to find a place alongside them.
If your partner makes you want to spend time with them, makes you want to share experiences and thoughts and is a safe place that you can go to when feeling low (or when feeling exceptionally good), then there shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind about the healthiness of the relationship.

Sign 2: You trust them and feel trusted

Trust is an overall very important aspect of any given relationship; without trust controlling environments start to appear and that is when things can become toxic really fast.
You are in a healthy relationship as long as you are respected and trusted, and as long as you reciprocate those feelings. It should be a daily practice that comes natural to both of you, because it should be attached to the emotions you feel towards the other, so in no way should it feel like an imposition or duty.
There shouldn’t be doubts about you or your partners, intentions or whereabouts, and if they were to appear along the way, you should be able to converse about them without damaging the connection.

Sign 3: You can be yourselves around each other

Always look for someone who you can totally be yourself with, because there isn’t anything healthier than being unapologetically you. You will know that you are in an incredibly healthy relationship when you realize you can ditch the filters that you normally put on around others.
There is nothing better than when you both realize you can start letting yourselves loose because you aren’t ashamed of who you are, what you like and how you express yourself. “Acting a fool” becomes a worry of the past and you unleash a whole different level of comfort around each other.
It is all about recognizing that you feel like you can live freely without the fear of judgment pending over your head.

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