Can “age-gap” relationships work?

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A couple’s age difference is always a topic of debate, especially in the environment closest to it. If the age difference is not very large at a social level, it is usually well accepted, especially when the man is the older of the two. However, can an “age gap” relationship work? If a man or a woman is older than their partner, is it an impediment for the relationship to work? What are the pros and cons of an “age gap” relationship? We invite you to discover all the answers in this article.

What is an age gap relationship?

The term “age gap” describes a relationship where one partner is older than the other, be it male or female. Most couples have a small age difference, between one and three years, which has no significant impact on their relationship. In this article, we will focus on those relationships where the age gap is greater, that is, more than 5, 10 or 20 years.

A recent study on couples, carried out at a prestigious university in the United States, found that men and women who are committed to younger people are happier. This is not something difficult to believe, since being with someone younger, for some reason, self-esteem is strengthened.

Advantages of an age gap relationship

In a relationship, does age matter? For a relationship to work, many factors must come into play: feelings, common plans, commitment, and shared values, not just age is decisive for the success of a relationship. The preference for older people is not only related to stability or physical appearance, in most cases the attraction is linked to the personality and wisdom that person has.

The advantages of an “age gap” relationship: Why do you date someone older?

  • Experience: people with more life experience will be able to advise you or give you an informed opinion, if you need it.
  • They know what they want: An older person knows what he wants and will make it clear to you quickly. Unlike someone our age, who may not be ready for a relationship yet or may not know what he is looking for.
  • Stability: The older person will generally have a stable job and will be emotionally more balanced than a younger person. Therefore, it ensures more stability for the couple.
  • Independence: Older people are more independent and respect others’ space. An older partner will let you experiment and learn things by yourself, but will be by your side if you need assistance.

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Disadvantages of an age gap relationship

When a couple has a very marked age difference, the most common obstacle they face is disapproval by those in their immediate environment and society.

Having a big age gap can also be a problem if your tastes and lifestyles don’t match. Often, an older person won’t enjoy partying as much and might prefer a quiet weekend

Another of the disadvantages that can appear in a relationship with a big “age difference” is the social life. Friends who disagree with the relationship may drift away. On the other hand, those who do stay could cause problems. The older person runs the risk of feeling insecure when the partner lives and interacts with others of the same age.

Do you want to start?

As we have said each relationship is a world apart, but it is clear that the age gap is not a factor that determines the success or failure of a relationship. There are many more aspects that can play for or against.

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